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Shatsu Theme (meditation mood)

Shatsu Theme is a meditative, slow and very peaceful track. It's soft and relaxing, perfect for a descriptive video or a documentary, but it works good also as a soundtrack or in a serious podcast. Instruments used: soft synth pads, arpeggiated synth bells, a soft touch on percussions, some noise fr...

Skeleton Shuffle (Creepy Halloween)

A piece that's only a little scary and doesn't take itself too seriously, so perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween! It comes in 3 project ready edits and works well with trick or treat videos, spooky kids dress up parties and more. Great for use as trailer music for spooky cartoons, mystery docu...

Hip Hop Angels [Atmosheric Hip Hop Lounge]

A relaxed hiphop track with atmospheric sounds, angelic female voices and a delicate ambient mood, perfect for modern vlog, urban and trendy commercials, or chillout and lounge use. Available in full (2:43) and medium (1:25) lengths.

Meditation And Relaxation

Deep relaxation & meditation music with the sounds of the rain, piano and ethereal voices.

Arabic Mystery

Ambient track features a Clarinet playing a middle eastern-inspired melody over a bed of soft, sustaining strings and mystery voices.

Powerful Orchestral Hip Hop

Powerful hip hop instrumental featuring mystic voices, powerful drums and strings. Perfect for motivational videos, hiit videos, commercials or action videos.

Life [Uplifting, Jazz, Commercial, Chill, Hip Hop]

Life is a jazzy chill hop track. The combination of electronic elements such as synths, synthetic background voices with more classic instruments like bass guitar, rhode and piano is creating an inspiring and uplifting mood through the track. It will certainly work well with corporate videos, busine...

The voice of the Planet

Glorious and emotional music track with beautiful voices and instrumentation. The profound and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of joy and strength. It will certainly work well with films, TV, corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, advertising, YouTube videos, videog...

Men's Acapella

Men’s Acapella track with male voices / choir. A Cheerful Acapella track that gives a carefree and worry free feeling. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational infographics.

Discovering Africa

The sound of the African Jungle in all its splendor. African drums and big orchestra in a very dynamic track perfect for African landscapes. Voyage to the Bottom of Africa with its waterfalls. The jungle in pure. Wild animals in the Savannah. exotic, that lead the Horn of Africa or to the Safaris.

Valentina's Death

Deep sorrow over the death of a loved one with melancholy cries of pain. Solemn and tragic female choir with synths and strigs. Is perfect for romantic drama, ending along term relationship or the end of a fierce battle. Emotional voices deeply that evokes the nostalgic, lord of the rings music.


“Virgo” is a Original Cinematic Opera musical composition designed for motion pictures with epic, cinematic, blockbuster and an action type visuals. Powerfull music with soprano,tenor,choirs & full orchestra.

Epic India

Epic and inspirational India theme. Perfect piece for exotic presentations, documentaries, trailers or movie scenes with aerial shots, montages or anything in need of showcasing world wonders. It features and introduction with Indian Instruments and voices and continues with an uplifting adventure.

Epic Ambient Gregorian Chants

Epic Monks voices chanting in a reverberant space monastic and atmospheric Gregorian chant offers the sound of traditional latin gregorian melodies, Ambient Ethereal Voice Uplifting piece sacred atmosphere, spiritual. Bells and mystery with Latin words. Great for fantasy, adventure, history.
Yann Keerim
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