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Distant thoughts

Calm, meditative, ambient and chillout downtempo electronic track, suitable for mind journeys and documentaries about nature, clouds, water and sky. Recommended for scientific documentaries.


Downtempo, lush electronic ambient. Rich sound textures over a delicately grooving background beat. Amazement / Wonderment / to the night,sci fi,l

Light and Easy Jazz

Smooth jazz with a slightly retro lounge style. Warm jazz piano, downtempo groove, kitch and cool production, feelgood vibes. Great for summer holildays, lazy days, chilling and enjoying life,relax,Old Time Swing,jazz cartoon,Like a walk in the park,joyful.

80th funk

Somewhat dirty, gritty, grinding Big Beat track with a determined, hard slamming downtempo beat and nasty guitar + bass riffing

Global disturbance

Mysterious, electronic, downtempo beats with pulsating and stuttering synthesizers. Science, technology, future, forensics, laboratory, with a sense of mystery and scifi.

look behind you

A cool downtempo tune. Modern beat with a jazzy walking bass and a vintage sounding groovy organ.

cool down

A cool downtempo electro-grime tune. Big beat with fat and dirty bass theme and atmospheric effects. Suitable for crime scenes


An organic-electronic blend written to capture the imagery of time-lapse photography, perhaps showing the growth and opening of plants. A breakbeat groove and complex synth sounds underscore orchestral strings and glitchy acoustic guitars. instrumental, breakbeat, strings, piano, processed, progress...

looking glass

Steady, downtempo chillout with a filtered electronic beat, airy pads, icy leads and constantly evolving harmonies. instrumental, atmospheric, subtle, droning Electronic Downtempo

cubic movement

Contemplative, groove-driven electronica designed to call to mind slow, methodical and complex movement. Especially good for abstract imagery, mathematics, technology and science. instrumental, abstract, electric guitar, atmospheric Electronic Downtempo

studio 54

Airy, moody downtempo / breakbeat in 5/4 with a dark secret lurking throughout. Reality-warping breakdowns and a melancholy piano are the highlight elements. instrumental, dark, chaotic, 5/4, strings, piano Electronic Downtempo

over easy

A unique fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments a la Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation. This atmospheric, contemplative downtempo piece keeps a steady rhythm while switching between organic and synthetic elements. instrumental, breakbeat, atmospheric, piano, processed Electronic Downtem...
Yann Keerim
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