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Crescendo ( 2 Versions Pack )

Crescendo is an Exclusive track. Perfect for your media projects. uplifting, relax, soft, bright, inspirational track with piano, acoustic guitar, strings, Vocals and Electronic spirit.

French Riviera (2 Versions Pack )

French Riviera is a track with a confident spirit. It sounds like a band playing in a club of Paris. Imperfect but human. There are two versions included.

I Wish Happiness To Everyone

A happy, positive and optimistic song driven by strummed ukulele. Piano and whistle play a happy, shiny melody. Percussion and hand claps create bouncy rhythm. And all this turns to full-band arrangement.

I Feel Good Uplifting

Best for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media. This is the track that will make your project accomplish the goals you have set and will bring you success and happiness.

I Feel All Arround

Bright energetic track. It's optimistic, uplifting and very positive acoustic track. It's great for children, for motivation. It also can be used as a background of some projects or commercials. Magic sound of celesta and bells bring easiness and lightness in this track. So it feels like everythin...

A Song for Victoria ( 2 Versions Pack )

A Song for Victoria is a powerful track with Epic and Big sounds . It combines electronic and organic elements in a perfect match. There are two versions included in this Pack.

Gypsy Duende

Gypsy Duende is a “Rumba flamenca” where are included instruments like Djembe , timbale ,Electric Bass and Drums giving to the track a modern color . Of course, the flamenco guitar is the center of this song.


Shining Soundscapes and pads with a wide spherical feeling. Great for Universe close – ups, visualization, science and for documentations.
Yann Keerim
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