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Peace on Earth

Piano and strings with atmospheric touches give a feeling of renewal, hope and reflection.

Deep sorrow

Beautiful, floating, minimalistic atmosphere of quiet, slowly bowed strings, soft winds & transcendental brass. A very serene piece with two small builds. Excellent for scenes of natural beauty on earth, space or otherworldly locations or moments of tender romance. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal M...

Swan Lake Dance

The famous Christmas melody from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Great for holiday specials and commercials. Traditional orchestral.


Building tension, like for a TV show where someone's going to get voted off (elimination), or a movie where someone is being followed.


Dreamy, thoughtful, ambient. Ambient/New Age. Dreamy/Reflective, Spatial, Relaxing. Strings, Piano. Documentary, Relaxation/Meditation. dream of rain,Autumn Rain,


Inspiring, Motivational and Beautiful Music Pack with 3 joyful, positive and optimistic musical compositions. Perfect Background Music for Any Creative Projects.

Adrift in Time

Slow, mysterious electronica/chillout – spacious synths

Ambient Breeze

Ethereal, soft and gentle soundtrack with a calming trance-like atmosphere that is ideal for conveying the feeling of drifting or being suspended in time. Will also work for peaceful and serene images, quiet reflection and tender romantic moments. With piano, string

Ambient flashback

Ethereal, soft and gentle soundtrack with a calming trance-like atmosphere that is ideal for conveying the feeling of drifting or being suspended in time. Will also work for peaceful and serene images, quiet reflection and tender romantic moments

Bossa Girl

A Bossa Nova track influenced by the classic 'Girl From Ipanema.' Features melody on Piano, Saxophone remeniscent of the sweet sound of Stan Getz, upright Bass, Guitar and Drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz

Butterfly in the Wind

Unsettling atmospherics under gentling plucking acoustic guitar and a sprinkling of western style electric guitar. Reminiscent of movies like Babel and Traffic.

Called Again

Unsettling atmospherics under gentling pads and electric piano. Reminiscent of movies like Babel and Traffic.

Camping around the fire

A soft, rolling fingerpicked acoustic guitar welcomes the morning sun in warm, delightful way. A heart-warming track perfect for enjoying nature and doing things in the great outdoors including fishing, hiking, camping

Cleansing the Spirit

Emotional and mysterious cinematic composition with haunting piano melodies accompanied by solo cello phrases and orchestral strings. Great for trailers, drama and suspense genre movies, documentaries and more

Combination Lock

Cello and piano interplay suggesting a dark mood, slow moving dark texture, suspense cello track. Subtle Intensity, very dark background music, dark instrumental.


A sore, tender and emotional, understated piano piece, suitable for drama, loss, memories or bittersweet love stories. Orchestra and solo acoustic piano Thoughtful and romantic piece with piano, strings and bass. Sad and hopeful. Rainy day,

Comedic Suspense

Modeled after Thomas Newman's music for the film "American Beauty" (closing credits). Mysterious, eerie, and a little dark, this uptempo piece is compelling. Features bells, lots of contemporary percussion and drums and a mandolin.

Country Boogie

A dirty blues rock guitar track. Powerful rock guitars, pumping rock bass guitars, and hard hitting rock drums fuse together to make this an excellent rock track. Leather jackets, dirty bikes and rocking riffs, a classic piece of Rock history for your next visual project.

Cowboys land

Wild west funk rock western theme music with harmonica and atmospheric low choir. Think Red Dead Revolver, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Young Guns, Wyatt Earp, Cowboys and Indians, Desert Landscape, Triumphant Gun Fights, Covered Wagon, Pioneers, Heroes and Bad-guys, Sheriffs and Deputies, American C...

Thomas Newman alike Creative motion Var 1

Quirky, melodic, a little comical, a quickly changing mood and unusual instruments will charm your ear and provide a perfect mood for a drama that has some of the same kinds of elements. Thomas Newman inspired this track with his themes for "Six Feet Under" and "Road to Perdition". Instrumental, Sou...

Cowboys land no drums

A fun upbeat country pickin instrumental. Energetic positive and humorous. Great for comedy, slapstick and any media needing a humorous vibe with a country sound. It has a fast paced feel so it's good for busy scenes, hectic and silliness. This tune will give your media plenty of life and bounce. a ...
Yann Keerim