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Phone Call Jazz

A captivating stock music track that effortlessly blends the enchanting sounds of smooth bossa nova jazz. This delightful composition features a soothing combination of instruments, including a mellow piano, graceful nylon guitar, rhythmic percussion, and the resonant tones of an upright bass.

Action Painting

Simple happy dance tune created for kids on the rhythm of a Bossa Nova with celestas and a saxophone.

Martini With Dean (60s lounge jazz)

Time for a Dry Manhattan with Dean Martin in your bachelor pad. Swinging 60's tune: a little bit Henry Mancini, a little bit Esquivel. Counterpoint melody and groovy flute and mellow vibes at the beginning and a Jazz guitar solo in the middle. Fun for clubs, lounges, and upscale restaurants.

Minha Doce Bossa

Cool Refreshing Bossa Nova track with nylon guitar as lead, with full cocktail jazz ensemble. Warm ,summer, regal vibes that’s elegant and sweet. Great for cocktail scenes or travel vlogs

Carinosa Bossa

Elegant and sensual duo classical guitar bossa nova track. Lounge, chill vibes great for cocktail jazz scenes, travel, documentaries, and ads

Smooth Bossa Nova

Relaxing and dreamy Latin Bossa Nova with romantic, dreamy, cocktail lounge feel. Elegant, jazzy, nostalgic and warm, this is a perfect Latin track for your project!

Avenida Paulista

A cozy, sensual royalty-free Bossa Nova music kit, with soft guitars, marimba, airy vocals, and Latin percs, best for ads, travel, summer, or vacation visuals.

Latin Pop Percussion Groove

Percussion track combining a cool blend of traditional latin congas, bongos, shakers and a modern funky drum beat. Uplifting, punchy and very danceable, this groovy track is great as background music for web videos, travel, cultural and adventure shows.

Latin Celebration

Happy, energetic, uplifting Latin Pop track with a fun, celebratory feel. Groovy percussion, bass, electric piano, horns and xylophone create this lively, foot-tapping track - great for a variety of project uses.

Shake That: Live Funky Bossa Nova Trumpet Groove

Shake That features genuine live trumpet and percussion and elicits a fun, festive vibe. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corpo...

Relax Beach Bossa Nova (Cafe)

This is a bossa nova music. It is a positive, relaxing, bright, happy, peaceful, warm, and soft track. Perfect for beach, seaside, seashore, cafe terrace, sidewalk cafe music and more. The main instruments are flute and acoustic guitar.

Bossa of Brazil Shores

Instrumental peaceful Bossa Nova from brazil, composed for piano, guitar, electric piano, drums and alto and tenor saxophones, ideal for cooking and restaurant backgrounds, tv shows and travel.

A Brazilian Lover

Instrumental Acoustic jazz & Bossa Nova from Brazil, composed for saxophones tenor and alto, electric piano, piano and drums, ideal for travel and documentaries. Also great for cooking tv shows, restaurants, elevator, commercials and ads.

Tropical Lifestyle

Cheerful and playful bossa nova / samba with a lively carefree mood and a slight retro air (1960's). Latin jazz groove by piano, electric organ, flute, string section, drums and brazilian percussions: the perfect easy-listening soundtrack for a pool party or a cocktail lounge atmosphere.

Cruise Travel

Great retro melody with violins, retro organ, glockenspiel, flute, romantic guitar and light rhythm section. Summer, Sunny mood, when you can enjoy the beautiful views while traveling and relax. If your project needs an atmosphere of Sun and retro, then this track is exactly what you need. Let’s c...

Sunset Girl

An instrumental Bossa Nova style track with a warm and elegant vibe. Perfect for Vlogs.

Funky Latin Groove

Uplifting energetic Latin track consisting of marimba, piano, upright bass and lots of cool percussion. Perfect to use in your commercial, corporate video or other production.
Yann Keerim
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