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Sacred Santorini Orchestrated

Lyric and emotional orchestrated track with theme on piano and flute and percussive groove..

Cradle Song Orchestrated

Lyric track with soft piano and orchestration, lullaby, Easy listening, children song...

Smooth Background

Light Jazzy music with lounge and relaxing atmosphere. Modern sound and stylish harmony with light melody fills will be perfect background for your presentable Video and Media Projects.

Summer Night Waltz

It's a hot summer night, the stars are out and and love is in the air. All you need is a smooth, romantic tune, possibly a nice jazzy waltz, with a memorable melody, one that will convey that special feeling. This is it. Beautiful violin, piano and an acoustic jazz band for a gorgeous melodic, inter...

Pink Panther No 2

Soft jazz with brushed drums, catchy brass section and keyboards. Great relaxing and sneaky jazz for funny themes, animal movies, cats videos and many more.


This is warm and acoustic track with ukulele and acoustic guitar, happy mood and groove like Kanikapila (jamm session on Hawaii) available in 3 edits Kanikapila main Kanikapila packed Kanikapila essential

Smooth Action

Chill and smooth jazzy track with jazz guitar and pianos. Relaxing , groovy , acid and sexy.. available in 3 eddits Smooth Action (main) Smooth Action (essential) Smooth action (looped groove)


Upbeat inspirational track with funky beat, acoustic and electric guitars and powerful motif, available in 4 edits: Calling-Inspirational (main) Calling-Inspirational (packed) Calling-Inspirational (essential) Calling-Inspirational (short groove)

Lilac UkuleleSwing

Acoustic positive and happy groove with ukulele playing theme and acoustic acompaniment, available in 3 edits Lilac Ukulele Swing (main) Lilac Ukulele Swing (packed) Lilac Ukulele Swing (essential)

Tulip Ukulele Bossa

Positive acoustic track with ukulele sound and acoustic guitars , happy uplifting and lively Available in 3 edits: Tulip Ukulele Bossa (main) Tulip Ukulele Bossa (essential) Tulip Ukulele Bossa (looped groove)


Inspirational, positive corporate track with smooth changes and nice groove... available in 3 edits: Corporatology (main) 3:22 Corporatology (lite) 2:34 Corporatology (looped groove) 2:17

Ukulele Showcase Corporate

Acoustic, positive and corporate track with ukulele lead and upbeat inspirational mood, some guys whistling :) in a happy fashion, instruments played and recorded acoustically Available in 4 edits: Ukulele Showcase Corporate (main 1:55) Ukulele Showcase Corporate (packed 1:23) Ukulele Showc...

Ukulele Happy Beach

Happy ukulele tune, with nice acoustic feel and groove, all instruments played, lively cheerful and inspirational, available in 4 edits; Ukulele Happy Beach (main 2:15) Ukulele Happy Beach (packed 1:49) Ukulele Happy Beach (essential 1:23) Ukulele Happy Beach (looped groove 1:01)
Yann Keerim