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Sell It

by Rolly
Fast, fun and inspirational, this track drives home a positive feel for promoting and selling anything. Great for travel promo’s and coming home. Brings attention to the good things in life! Achievement.

Figure It Out

by Rolly
This is a great guitar and piano track with a driving backbeat. The B section brings a nice climax towards the end and adds contrast to the color of the track. A must for commercials that are energizing and require serious, convincing dialogue. Similar to Coldplay. Rocker.

Tech Progress

Electronic modern background music track. Perfect for your technology and corporate media projects.

Fresh House (loop)

Upbeat and modern fresh house music that loops perfectly. After a short drum intro, the piano accompaniment kicks in followed by a very minimalistic melody. The track then builds to several variations of this theme. This makes it perfect as background music for a commercial, infomercial, product dem...

Fresh Lounge (loop)

Very mellow and jazzy lounge music, which loops perfectly. Includes acoustic bass, piano, E. piano, vibes and electric guitar. Perfect for an infomercial, product demonstration video, slideshow, or as phone on-hold music. Basicly any project that needs some cool and positive vibes!

Happy Vibes (Uplifting Corporate Jingle)

Versatile and uplifting corporate jingle music which got everything you need for a commercial, demonstration or informercial: an uplifting beat, happy strummed acoustic guitar, hand claps and a fun and positive music box melody. The ending is perfect for the placement of your (company) logo. This tr...

Piano Audio Logo 2

Diverse and short audio logo. Perfect as an introduction to your video or project and suitable for all kinds of different project styles and genres.

Mr. Funny Pants (Comedy Circus Music)

Very funny and upbeat comedy music which includes funny sound effects, with tuba, accordion and mallets. Perfect for use in a circus (scene), clown or comedy act and virtual birthday cards.

Sunstroke (Sunny & Positive Tropical Music)

Sunny and tropical music that's very suitable for projects that are Caribbean, beach and/or tropical related. From fresh and funky trumpets to happy steel drums, this track includes everything you need to get your audience in the right summer mood! Has a very upbeat and happy ending.

Thrill Ride (High Energy Electronic Music)

Very high energy and upbeat electronic track with piano, synth, arpeggios and energetic drums. Perfect for Extreme Sports videos, product demonstrations or movie scenes in which a sense of urgency is required.

Arrival (Triumphant)

A powerful, regal orchestral piece with a horn lead. Perfect for advertising corporate strength and dominance. Reminiscent or an Emperor entering court. Company dominance, a triumphant return after battle. Great for a medieval battle or court scene. Advertising, TV, film & trailer.

Achilles (Tension-Percussion)

Insistent and building drum track punctuated with brass. Building tension leads to explosive, dramatic inceptive brass invoking feelings of being hunted down. Perfect for building tension within scenes for a thriller or horror scene. Great for any situation where a feeling of fear needs to be convey...

Atrophy (Tension)

Post-modern track with a dark, dystopian feel. Dissonant coloration, graveling drone, long tones, organic atmospherics, slow tempo with a slow build. Granular violins and cellos mixed with synth elements make this piece great for an investigative scene, the lonely expanse of space and conflicted ...

Blood in the Water (Percussive Tension)

Tense instrumental. Jaws feel to this track. Jarring percussion and strings give a feeling of being alone and hunted.

Cat & Mouse (Ambient Tension)

A slower track with building tension invoking feelings of being chased and hunted down. Perfect for a thriller or horror scene. Great for any scene where a feeling of fear needs to be conveyed. Dark, scary, tense & dramatic. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller. Cold and lonely.

Bounce (Moombahton)

Heavy drum patterns with reggaeton influenced percussion elements. Fierce lead synths and pitch bent, glitched organs. This track is a low tempo, sub heavy stomper for advertising, commercial & corporate. Grimy basslines, screamers, crazy squeaks and siren-like leads.

After the Rain (Ambient-New Age)

Dreamy, drifting track that takes you on a relaxing journey. Punctuated with percussion & piano. A trip to the desert, nature after the rain. Advertising, movie scenes & corporate promotion. Promotion of children's items, spa & meditation, retreats, massage, getting away, nature, hope, freedom.

Bind (Industrial Rock)

Industrial rock track. Synth pads lead into hard, compressed drums and electro bass. This piece has a real Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor feel to it. Mystical, unrelenting until the end where it fades out to the same synthesizer pads it started with.

Breaking Through (Indie-Rock)

Heavy beat orientated electro rock track. A great mix of synth and wailing electric guitar makes this a versatile piece for movies, TV & advertising. Teen drama, documentary, a sense of loss and melancholy. Industrial drums are offset by softer synth parts and a lonely piano finish. Longing and hope...

Sirocco (World-Middle East)

Middle Eastern & Indian feel. Equally modern and ancient. A track that invokes feelings of the desert sands stretching to the distance.

Modern Pop Corporate Background

Groovy and Catchy track with modern dubstep groove, Inspiring and motivating atmosphere. Modern Soul and Pop Instrumental music with groovy beat and catchy atmosphere. Fresh and Beautiful Dubstep music with soft synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. Perfect background music for...
Yann Keerim