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Costas Tiantsis is a music composer and producer currently based in Greece who specializes in a variety of music genres like rock, pop, electronic, blues, jazz and classical.

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Original Lullaby - Kids Children Song

Relaxing and calm original lullaby that is great for projects aimed for kids and children. It features a melodic xylophone playing a simple but effective melody.

Inspirational Pop [PACK]

This is an incredibly uplifting and upbeat pop track that makes you want to dance and be happy. It consists of synths, funky electric guitars, drums and bass. The inspirational melody and funky groove is great for different kinds of projects like commercials, promos, advertisements, youtube videos, ...

Upbeat Heavy Metal

Powerful and uplifting heavy metal track that features heavy riffs performed by distorted guitars, bass and groovy drums. It is perfect as background music for different kinds of projects like commercials, advertisements, promos, video games, youtube videos, vlogs and many more.

LoFi Jazz Hop

Relaxing and chill retro LoFi jazz track that features a swing groove, electric guitar, drums, bass and a melodic piano. It is great as background music for different kinds of projects like youtube videos, vlogs, advertisements, promos, commercials, intros and outros.

Happy and Inspiring Acoustic

Cheerful and upbeat acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, percussion, cajon, bass and marimba. It is very melodic and it can be used perfectly in a different variety of projects like Youtube videos, vlogs, cooking shows, intros, advertisements, promos, commercials, kids shows and more.

Epic Cinematic Adventure

Epic and cinematic orchestral track that has an action and adventure feeling. It consists of string instruments like violin, viola and cello, brass instruments like horns, trumpet, trombone and tubas and percussion. It is great as background music for film. movies, video games, advertisements, promo...

Epic Action Cinematic

An epic cinematic action track that is great as background music for commercials, promos, advertisements, action scenes, movies, short films, tv shows, video games and more. It features rhythmic percussion, strings like violins, violas, cellos, bass and brass like tubas, trombones, horns and trumpet...

Uplifting Pop Funk

Upbeat and uplifting track that has pop and funk elements. It features melodic synths, a house style beat and funky guitars. It would be great as background music in your project.

Upbeat Retro Electronica

Upbeat, groovy and funky electronica featuring retro synths and sounds! It is perfect background music for your videos, vlogs and projects!

Upbeat and Uplifting Pop

Upbeat and uplifting pop with bass and melody. Suitable as background music for a wide range of projects like videos, advertisements, business, corporate, vlogs, video games and many more!

Strange Things

Mysterious and chill track with retro vibes that features analog and digital synths. It has a relaxing vibe and melody and it is great as background music for your videos, vlogs, timalapses, short movies and more.

Starry Night Sky

Sentimental, emotional and inspirational music piece suitable as background music for a wide range of projects like videos, vlogs, traveling, advertisements and corporate projects! It features piano, electric and acoustic guitars, pads and synths!

Melodic Electronic Trap

Electronic trap track with a powerful melody and groove. Great for intros and outros for Youtube videos and more!

Live Action Chase Scene

Intense and suspenseful music piece that is perfect for action scenes and cinematic projects.

Inspiring Acoustic Ballad

Incredibly inspiring and motivational acoustic track that features acoustic guitars, cajon percussion, acoustic bass, marimba, and an ethereal synth melody. It is great for corporate use like presentations, promos, commercials, advertisements and more. It is also great for kids shows and family orie...

Inspirational and Motivational Corporate

Upbeat corporate motivational background music with an energetic, happy and inspiring mood. It features electric guitars, piano, synths, xylophone and percussion, It its great a intro or background music for corporate use, promos, advertisements, commercials, youtube videos, presentations and more.

Fun Pop Rock

Fun and upbeat pop rock track that features, acoustic and electric guitars, groovy drums and bass guitar. It is great for advertisements, promos, commercials, presentations, youtube videos, vlogs and more.

Fun and Uplifting Pop

Upbeat and uplifting dance pop track that is a lot of fun. It features a house style beat, synths and a great melody that energizes the listener. It can be used in a variety of projects like videos, vlogs, intros, outros, commercials, promos and many other inspirational and motivational dynamic proj...

Epic Sports Trailer

This is an epic and powerful track that features a groovy drums beat, violins, distorted guitars and synths. Its melody is made to inspire and to motivate. It can be used in a variety of projects like action and sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other high-paced projects...
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