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Neural Networks

Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. Electronic and percussive, repetitive, polyrhythmic sounds: we are inside the "brain" of the machine, we observe its mysterious mechanisms. Perf...

Sport Music

’’Sport Music’ is energetic, powerful, modern rock music for commercial projects . We guarantee that our ’’Sport Music’’ is perfect choice for any promo, sports video, trailer, intro, opener and much more!

Problem Solver

Tension cue for suspense, mystery and crime dramas. Guitar orchestrated arrangement with a ticking element that resolves in a climactic end with big orchestral drums

Neutral Nihilist

Trivia and Information type cue with harmonic guitars and pads. Neutral, spacey vibe fit for narration, fun facts, technology and information based corporate videos


EDM Synth based track fit for suspense, crime, and intrigue. Tension cue with an eerie investigative vibe great for crime dramas and tv/film theme music

Clinical Trial

Science "curiosity" corporate track with light hearted investigative vibes. Mallet and 5/4 rhythms great for mystery and technology based content

Baroque Guitarer Brain Massager

Duo guitar classical based track with a contemplating vibe for thinking or problem solving. Suitable for mystery, problem solving, and trivia content, historical documentary, and technology programming

Anaheim Chill

EDM chillwave track with hypnotic synth and drum groove. Relaxed calm and chill vibe great for underscore, relaxation meditation, and corporate technology content


A dark, scary royalty free horror music piece with deep piano notes, braams, hybrids and a monster scream hit in the epic final, ideal for trailers, intros, openers, games or promos.

Inside Devil's Brain

Dark and dramatic, epic orchestral cinematic hybrid trailer music with string ostinatos, big brass section, synthesizer pulses, plucks and drones, sound effects and percussion. Energetic, simple, beautiful and powerful melody, perfect for slideshows, cinematic movie trailers, image trailers, corpor...

Brain Freeze

Totally crazy and weird hip-hop instrumental. This fresh, wild, energetic and catchy electronic track is perfect for your crazy and weird projects. I hope you like it.

Corporate Technology

A crisp, cool track with nothing but electronic elements fitting for corporate use or other applications related to mobile / cellphone or computer advertising or infomercials. It could also fit a game for iPhone / iPad / Android. It is confident, yet has a clean sound and can sit well in the bac...
Yann Keerim
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