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Above The Clouds

A piece of hybrid ambient music, using atmospheric synth pads in conjunction with orchestral strings, orchestral percussion and big brass. Great as background music for drone flight videos, aerials, space documentaries, space films, visuals. 3 edits available: Main Edit, Short Edit 1, Short Edit 2

Up In The Air

A piece of royalty free ambient music, using long reverberated analog synth pads, soft lead sounds and LoFi drums. Great for drone aerials, meditation and relaxation videos, space documentaries and visuals and film projects. Available in 3 edits as main edit, pads-only edit and short edit.

Third Eye

A breezy and inspiring ambient track, with ethereal and dreamy keyboards, sweet and calming synths, deep warm bass and minimal relaxing drums. Useful track for meditation, Yoga, healing, nature, wildlife, soothing projects and dreamy emotional videos.


My image is reflected all around me. my mind wanders. repetitive, distant sounds, birdsong? or screams? Here is a very confusing track.

The Chill

Chilling light track in dreamy positive mood. Inspired by deadmau5. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, vlogging, racing, tv shows, movies, landscapes, festivals, openers, vacation, advertising, commercials, vlogs, timelapse, urban and cars and more!

Dreamy Abstract

Dreamy, deep sounding track with wide synths and pads. Fits any kind of video!

Chill Ambient Piano

Chilling track in a positive mood. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, vlogging, racing, tv shows, movies, landscapes, festivals, openers, vacation, advertising, commercials, vlogs, timelapse, urban and cars and more!

Abstract Fusion Beat

Abstract Fusion Beat track with warm lush echoed piano, echoed sounds, soft IDM glitchy drums, plucked synths. Perfect for background music, advertising and more!

Digital Love

Instrumental uplifting electronic pop ambient music, composed for synthesizers, piano, acoustic, muted and electric guitars, ideal for high technology and science commercials, promos and ads. Also great for futuristic and sci-fi projects.

Quantum Technology

instrumental electronic corporate music composed for synthesizers, piano, electric and muted guitars, ideal for sci-fi and futuristic environments in films, tv series and youtube. Also great for Science and technology documentaries.


Atmospheric, exciting, cold and ambient track. Moog synthesizers, pads, arpeggios, amorphous violin parts and spectacular cinematic percussion all create an atmosphere of space and the attraction of the earth.

Computerized Business

Instrumental uplifting electronic corporate music, composed for synthesizers, piano and electric guitars, ideal for hi tech and science advertising, promos, presentations and commercials. Also great for Sci fi and futuristic topics.

Perfect Technology

Instrumental uplifting electronic corporate music composed for synthesizers, piano, acoustic guitars and synth plucks, ideal for hi-tech and science commercials, ads and promos. Also great for presentations in Sci-fi and futuristic tv series and films,

A Promising Future

Instrumental uplifting corporate electronic music composed for synthesizers, synth plucks, piano and strings, ideal for technology and science commercials, advertising and presentations. Also great for promos, sci-fi, backgrounds and documentaries.

Fashion Stories

Groovy and bright, featuring flowing synth textures and a chill out groove that creates a confident, satisfied mood, ideal for IG Stories.


Future Bass pulsing synths and a catchy synth lead start out the track. Small synth sparkles keep your ears on attention. Big kick and big bass wobble for your chest. Medium Slow Tempo of 87 BPM Simliar artists: King Princess, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Ellie Gou...

Smells Like Victory (no beat)

Extremely gripping and powerful track filled with a feeling of triumph, victory and success. Starts spacious and mysterious, then gradually builds into a dramatic, epic section packed with attitude. Instruments include: pulsating bass and synths, guitar, drums, percussion and choir.
Yann Keerim
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