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Happy Stylish Funky Groove

Happy, funky and groovy carefree pop music with uplifting and inspiring vibes! Celebrate the good times with this punchy party music as background! Perfect for Fashion videos, award shows, commercials, advertising, Vlogs, YouTube content and other projects with a positive and bright feeling! 4 varia...

Pretoria's Night Call [Ampiano Fashion House]

An lounge, dreamy and trendy royalty free ampiano song, with airy plucks, modern pads, pulsing bass, African percussion, dreamy vocals samples, cool beats, best for Vlogs, ads, fashion and nightlife related contend!

Forever In My Head [80s Powerful Synth Pop]

An powerful, nostalgic and efficient 80's synth pop royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, polysix bass, female vocal sample, DX7 and powerful beats, best for ads, outrun, nightlife and retro video project !

I'm Falling Deeper (Modern Hybrid 80s Synth Pop)

An nostalgic, dreamy and modern hybrid 80's synth pop royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, deep bass, female vocal sample, DX7 and minimlastic beats, best for ads, nightlife, 80s aesthetics and artistic video project !

Travel Vlog (Explore Dream Discover)

This track is great for beach and holiday background themes of media projects, presentations and promos. Was used: exciting muted guitars, warm piano chords, groovy drum beat, and also deep bass. It is created for the fashion show, presentations of hotels and resorts, luxury living, corporate and br...

Fashion Tech Lounge - Loop Version

Background tech lounge music. Great for fashion shows, fashion reviews, beauty blog, hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations, promotion, commercial, advertising video, street lifestyle video, photo collage and photo slideshow. Also good for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, radio statio...
Yann Keerim
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