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An inspiring, energy and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Starting with a simple and memorable percussion melody with nice tiny bell theme suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, slideshows, monta...


Gripping Hard Rock track with grungy guitars and solid beat. Dark and mean.


Mysterious, spacious synths, soft pipes and percussion create this ambient track. Suitable for sci fi or mystery scene.

Growling Creatures

Spacious sweeping synths and spooky sound effects create this mysterious track. Great for sci fi or horror scene.

Groove On

Very groovy modern rock track with solid beat, funky, edgy guitars and flowing bass. Sure to get ya movin!

Groove And Flow

Hip Hop / Pop track with catchy synths and solid beat. Upbeat, mysterious and quirky.


Gothic, epic orchestral piece. Mysterious and tense atmosphere, buiding into triumphant ending. Strings, horns, timps and chimes.

Gothic Victory

Dramatic, epic orchestral piece with gripping strings lines, horns and striking percussion.

Got The Power

Energetic Pop/Dance track with solid groove and catchy, quirky synths.

Got A Lot

Upbeat, happy jazz track with piano bass and drums. Energetic, carefree and fun!

Good Vibrations

Comedic Blues track with cool flowing groove. Upbeat, energetic and fun.

Good News

Laid-back modern alternative rock track, beginning gently, building into more agressive chorus section

Gone Eratic

Very dramatic and powerful orchestral piece with various sections. Great for action, suspense, thriller, horror scene.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Piano

The popular Christmas classic performed on grand piano. Delicate and emotional feeling throughout.

Epic Glory

This epic and powerful orchestral piece is perfect for an emotional advertisement, corporate project, film, video game, broadcast, marketing launching, YouTube video. There are 2 version of this track: 1. Epic Glory – Full 3:06 2. Epic Glory – Short 1:11

Successful Launch

Uplifting, pleasant and motivational track with a melodic piano theme and an orchestral accompaniment. The end of the track is arranged in an orchestral and uplifting way for an intense and successful final. Great for any marketing campaign for a very large, popular or elite target audience, TV comm...

Stomps And Claps Trailer

Powerfull epic trailer drums with hollywood cinematic sound. Perfect for action trailer, intro, videos, youtube, tv advertisements, movie, extreme and sport videos, teaser, games, etc.

Dun Forgot Your Name

Dun forgot your name is a contemporary Pop/R&b instrumental. We used ambient & calming melodies to give the track a slightly sad but accomplished feeling. Any remixes of any part of the track are available on request.
Yann Keerim
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