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Acoustic Piano and orchestral Strings creates epic,cinematic sound. Simple,beautiful piano riff is repeated through entire song as main theme. Strings supports harmony and counter line. Some orchestral percussion reinforce the wide cinematic sound

Machine Dance

This track is energetic hard rock/pop.Combination of Powerful rock music with strings and brass and some synth sound. This track is intended to represent kid’s brave. this should fit fighting hero anime or some movie with feeling of stir.

Limelight of Your Life

featuring piano as main backing and simple arpeggio. Gentle and blessed sound. Consisted with basic pop/rock instrumentation,electric bass,fat drums,strings,synth.Best fit to touching scene of movie

Menu Screen BGM

This track is simple and repetitive. Good for Menu Screen BGM of comical action game. This track features funky and retro sound. Main riff is played by clavi

Modern Sci-Fi Dance

This item is Modern Synthesizer heavy dance track. The sound should fit to SF Movie or any project which needs feature texture. very simple chord progression,only 2chords are used. 4/4kicks carries entire groove,synthesize sequence and very futuristic synth bass creates modern texture. some Latin pe...

Morning sunshine

This is uplifting shuffle track in Pop/Rock style. bracing piano riff creates delightful feel,vibraphone is a melody instrument which is simple and cheerful. This should vest fit as back ground of TV ad which requires positive feel to it.

Pole Position to Success

This is uplifting pop/rock track.Instrumentation: Synthesizer riff, synth bass, electric drums, strings, distorted guitar, harp.Best fit to corporate movie that need bracing, positive feel.

Bright Corporate Logo

“Bright Corporate Logo” is positive,bright,warm Sound Logo. This should be good as sound logo,idents for corporate project or any other presentation.

Happy Advertisement Loop2

8bars of Latin influenced groove for advertisement background. Perfect to set fun,happy,cheerful feel.Best fits to kids music Simple steel pan melody with marimba and Electric Piano Background. Groove is created with cheerful Latin Percussion an wood bass.

Tech Motivational

“Tech Motivational” is positive corporate music. light marimba riff and refreshing piano melody are fundamental. They are supported with electric bass,warm airy pad,Electric drums and nice tiny percussion like clave,tambourine and Hand clap. This item should best fit to corporate ad,prod...

Happy Kids Advertisement

"This is energetic,somehow rattling kids music. Busy Xylophone,marimba and piano phrases alternatively go in and out to express that kid are running and jumping. Those busy phrases are supported with stable cello and double bass. This item,no doubt,fits best to Kids toy advertisement,theme park,p...

Puzzle Game

Short 8bars music,best suit with puzzle game menu screen. comical and happy sound is created with marimba flute,and bells. synth bass and synth drums are used for creating relaxed grove.

Positive Upbeat

Upbeat pop rock music on positive piano riff. Strings and bells represent bright future hope and success. This should best fit to any business project which require uplifting feel to it.

Run with Despair

The music is driven by rhythmic strings phrase. it sounds very serious and sad, This should fit to sad,serious,sentimental scene of movie.

Road to Success

Uplifting pop rock music.good for corporate ad or promotion movie. Starts off with powerful electric bass, drum and some synthesizer pluck. Distorted guitar arpeggio comes in. Organ comes in at the end to create climax.

Spacious Uplifting Piano Pop Rock

Positive,and Bright Piano melody,Corporate Music. Sequenced synthe bass line and Strings,Simple Drums and inspirational Piano Melody. Good for Corporate Video or any kind of Project which need uplifting feel to it.

Straight Rock

This is Uplifting Corporate Music with energetic groove. Start off with bouncy acoustic guitar and Latin Percussion. Piano and celesta takes simple melody. Drums and electric guitar comes in to build up the groove.female chorus is added at the end. This is looped item.

Summer Uplifting Corporate

This is Uplifting Corporate Music with energetic groove. Start off with bouncy acoustic guitar and Latin Percussion. Piano and celesta takes simple melody. Drums and electric guitar comes in to build up the groove.female chorus is added at the end. This is looped item.

Sparkle Light Illumination

best fit as back ground music for sparkle illumination in amusement park. Also, good to Christmas events back ground because it is bright and sparkle sound of piano,harp and strings.


Sunrise is bracing,motivational track. Electric guitar with delay effect,4/4 kicks, build up with another electric guitar arpeggio and melody.

Upbeat Innovation

upbeat Innovation is energetic,uplifting corporate music. This track has positive,powerful mood. Start off with 4/4 kick piano and simple synth riff. Strings comes in to add more innovative mood. Electric guitar adds more energy to it. Cymbal swell and synthetic sweep effect are used to create smoot...
Yann Keerim
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