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Wrong Experiment

Dark trapped track is perfect for trailers, video games and cinema. Dark hybrid electronic music with mysterious dark synths, orchestral strings, electronic distorted bass and create a cinematic atmosphere in your video project


This atmospheric track with a trap beat was inspired by of the channel “National Geographic”. Listen once and you won’t be able to stop! The whole world will run before your eyes. Our whole wonderful world. Divine world. It is atmospheric, it is unimaginably beautiful. The life of animals and ...

Skate Park

True punk from California. Fast, hard, cool. Perfect for your skate, extreme, presentation videos or just about anything that needs some raw energetic power.

Cinematic Funk

High Energy Funky track will perfectly rock your projects. Catchy electric guitars with uplifting horns and saxophones emphasize the uniqueness of your project! Perfect background for the presenter, fashion, comedy, instagram, youtube, tiktok content and more!

Big Four

Thrash metal track with bright distorted guitars, bass, drums and high energy. This track sounds like old Metallica and Slayer. Perfect for dynemic sports project, combats, race projects etc.

Believe In Yourself

An inspiring and uplifting motivational track with beautiful ambient type electric guitars, soft piano, warm bass guitar and gentle percussion. This track evokes feelings of strength, confidence, trust, ambition, achievement and success. Perfect for corporate presentations, background inspiring musi...

Running Free

Dynamic drum n bass powerful track with catchy riff with guitars and rocky drums. Perfect for action and sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other dynamic projects. Run forward, don’t give up This is the slogan of our new track. He motivates for victory and success. Shri...


This track is created for your mysterious projects, with a cinematic mood! Background track for your movies, trailers and video games, animations, YouTube content, adventures and more.
Yann Keerim
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