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An nostalgic , retro 80’s synthwave track, with lots of outrun feel, ambient, analog synths, fx, and electro beats for tech, travel or fashion ad adn more.

Cyberpunk Logo

This is a futuristic cyberpunk stock music logo track in synthwave - outrun - dark synth genres, including power drum beats, lush atmospheric leads and energy bass. This unique tune is perfect as a logo for futuristic sci-fi video games and movies, intro cyberpunk projects etc.

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage is a simple and slow electronic track with strings and lightly plucked synthesizer sounds. Simple percussive elements with no drum beats. Useful for project that need ambient / laid back type of background music such as time lapses, b-rolls and similar.

Magic Fireflies

Magic Fireflies is an ambient, electronic music track with memorable melody, atmospheric pads, piano, airy plucks, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. It`s good for ads, corporate promo videos, podcast, videos about beauty of our world, scientific or tech vlogs.

Seacoast Winds

"Seacoast Winds" is an inspiring and romantic electronic royalty free track featuring atmospheric pads, piano, airy plucks, strings, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. Great for ads, vlogs about wonderful travelings and beauty of our world, corporate promo videos.


Anyone seen an alien around? This tune takes you to the day when the aliens met humans. Great for space video.

New Perspectives

An uplifting, motivational and inspirational corporate track with bright and positive piano melodies. Motivational beats and shimmering synths and female choirs.

Uplifting Corporate Anthem

Epic inspirational electronic business theme consisting of synthesizers, piano, beats and more. Perfect to complement your corporate video, commercial or other media production. The theme brings a lot of energy, excitement and richness. High quality music for your high quality production. My portf...

Heaven Bound

A chill, ethereal royalty free corporate piece, with airy guitars, keys, haunting vocals, and deep beats, best for vlogs, timelapses, travel, or summer content. Available in Full and 60 sec edits.

Abstract Hip-Hop

Music track for detective series titles. Mix of hip-hop, trap and disturbing music. lyric piano arpeggios, sharp synths and powerful beats.

Lofi Hip Hop Loop

Lofi chill vibes for your projects. Use wav file only (mp3s do not loop)

Better Day

Inspiring, modern future bass track with cool synth, punchy energetic drums and simple melody. Perfectly fits for technology, digital, sport, sci-fi projects, hi-tech, presentation, ambient background, commercial and advertising. I hope you enjoy this track!


Warm, positive and energetic synthwave track featuring driving bass, catchy melody, percussion, punchy electronic drums, ambient pads, synthetic leads, retro synths, sound effects and amazing 80s atmosphere. Perfect background for many video and audio projects. I hope you like it.

Energetic Hip Hop

Energetic hip hop track with cool synths and punchy drums. Perfectly suitable for ads, apps, action scenes, games, urban projects, sport videos, vlogs, cars, presentations, promotions, lifestyle videos, extreme videos, go pro videos, inspiration and motivation videos, films, motion graphics, commerc...
Yann Keerim
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