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Motivational energetic electronic music

Motivational electronic song with a powerful energy, charging the atmosphere and optimistic mood.

Low Fidelibeat [Lo Fi Hip Hop Chill Ambient Boom Bap]

This beat/instrumental has an abstract, ambient and nostalgic lo fi vibe with boom bap and hip-hop sounds. Featuring groovy drums, chopped glitchy keys, vocal fx and deep bass. Perfect for vlogs, presentations, slideshows, lifestyle, urban, animations and many more.

Lo Fi It [Abstract Hip Hop Lo-Fi Dark Space Downtempo]

Lo Fi It is a hip-hop experimental beat with lo fi, eerie and mysterious vibes. It also has a laid back, chill out and relaxing mood. Featuring groovy and glitchy electronic drums, vocal melodic samples, jazzy electric piano chords and cool fx. Suitable for vlogs, slideshows, experimental, info gr...

Lo Fi Afternoon [Lo Fi Hip Hop Chill Out Vlog Background Jazzy Travel]

Lo-fi hip-hop beat/instrumental with modern laid back and jazzy vibes. Featuring a groovy electronic drum set, chopped piano/rhodes chords, glitchy vocal melodies, gentle electric guitar melodies and sax short sounds. Suitable for vlogs, background music, lifestyle, unboxings, urban, commercials...

High Speed [Inspirational Future Bass Technology Electronic Epic]

This royalty free music track waves its flag at the beginning of every race! Your video games will never be the same, I promise you that.. It is a modern energetic track in the style of future bass, ideal for your presentations, sports videos and events, action videos, vlogs, technology and sci-fi...

Beautiful Moment

''Beautiful Moment'' is an elegant and positive electronic track with uplifting vibes. The track used musical instruments, modern beats and catchy deep bass party, smooth piano, strings, acoustic guitars, muted guitar, and synth. Perfect for your romantic presentations, wedding, slideshows, vlog, ...

We Will Survive

House/Edm track with an inspirational and motivational feel. Great for a multitude of different scenes.

A Hiphop Christmas Holiday

An East-coast HipHop influenced Christmas holiday instrumental. Orchestral strings, bass, Piano, Guitars, and Bells were used to compose. Great for may different visual occasions.

Window Into The Future

Bright and confident, featuring bell synthesizers, 808 sub bass, vocal chops, and Trap beats that create a proud, feel-good mood.

Time Change

Pulsing and dreamy, featuring floating synthesizers, bass, piano, and beats that create a spacey, futuristic atmosphere.
Yann Keerim
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