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Cold Case Investigation

Rock orchestral cue with strings, horns, electric guitars, drums and synth elements. Builds to a dramatic climax. Great for trailers, promos and TV projects that need an investigative soundtrack.


Suspenseful cinematic track with a rather quiet intro and a dramatic part with drums.

Blurred Boundaries

Cinematic background track with piano, marimba, epiano, strings and guitar.

Blurred Boundaries (with percussion)

Cinematic background track with piano, marimba, epiano, strings, guitar and percussion.

Time Runs Out

Suspenseful cinematic track with acoustic guitar harmonics, strings, synths and percussion. Perfect as background for movies, games, documentaries and much more.

Cyber Crime

Dark and dynamic synth pop with groove. Perfect as background for movies, documentaries, tech videos and much more.

Mission Fort Knox

Suspenseful track with modern sounds. Useful for a lot of background applications. Crime thriller, action movie and much more.

Digital World

Modern and futuristic sounding corporate track for many applications like imagevideos, slideshows, explainervideos and many more.

Cold Melancholic Autumn

Instrumental music with two versions: made for piano solo, and piano and cello. The music is descriptive and a little bit melancholic. The rhythm is slow and it’s leaded by a piano, playing the main notes and the general dynamic of the composition. The style is very near to ambient acoustic melodi...

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Urban Wars

Dark pop hip hop mix with a great sense of danger and foreboding. Imminent confrontation, conflict, preparing for a battle. Perfect for action films, dramatic scenes with urban themes, espionage, action thriller.

Under Ice (1980s Electronic Cinematic Ambient)

Minimal, pulsing suspense / tension. Electronic instrumentation. A little percussion creates movement in this dramatic underscore piece.

Fall (Cinematic Ambient Electronic)

Light, pulsing, ambient, synth driven cue. Neutral but interesting, perfect for a backstory. Fits nicely under dialogue with synth and reverbed piano. Understated electro with elements of Cliff Martinez, the "Social Network" and Trent Reznor.

Suspense Factory

Suspenseful and versatile 80s background track for movies, quiz shows, games and many more.

Hollow (Cinematic Ambient Suspense Electronic)

A melancholy, dark, dystopian lullaby. Drones and electronic elements are covered with a haunting melody line and gentle choir.
Yann Keerim
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