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Soft Piano Melodies

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Slow and soft piano music track. This music will fit well for tender situations and backround, ambient music too

Smooth Latin Piano

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Nostalgic piano music, a kind of latin piano ballad. Laid back, sensual, smooth piano track

Sensual Night

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Sensual piano music, soft and smooth. This music is cool, slow tempo, soulful and relaxed

Peaceful Moment

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Relaxed piano music, great for ambient situation and peaceful scenes. Slow tempo and sweet mood

Hopeful Piano

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Easy piano music, tender and sensitive. Simple and soulful track, great for caring and sweet situations

Happy Blues

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Cool blues track, medium tempo and easy listening. Left hand play a constant rhythm and right hand play sensual bluesy, jazzy melodies.

A Happy Day

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Positive piano music track. This jazzy and playful music is rhythmic and optimistic and will fit well for background and ambient music.


Composer: Elato Kaseri
Easy listening orchestral track with romantic and healthy feeling, with smooth oboe melody. Great for trailer, youtube videos, advertisements, games and applications.

Let Inside Out (acoustic)

Composer: Kal Drako
Rock-pop singer-songwriter tune, with acoustic arrangement and emotional, inspirational lyrics.

Island Rain Shower

Composer: Owen Phillips
A mellow and uplifting track that opens with a swirling synth loop and Polynesian percussion, followed by dubby bass, acoustic guitar strums, vibes, and piano. It’s good for travel programs, documentaries, or any scenes needing music with a positive, peaceful and exotic feel.

Joyous Advertising

Composer: Lucid Dream Music
Positive and Cheerful music composition featuring acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, strings, bass guitar and upbeat drums. Optimistic and Happy track with beautiful harmonies and melodies. This track is great for many different kinds of projects, including TV and radio commercials, corporate pre...

Carefree Summer Tune

Composer: Lucid Dream Music
Happy and cheerful music track featuring acoustic guitar, xylophone, piano, bass guitar and upbeat drums. Optimistic and Joyful tune with light and carefree harmonies and melodies great as a background music for many different kinds of projects, including TV and radio commercials, corporate presenta...

Numsi's Guitar

Composer: Owen Phillips
A gentle, peaceful track with acoustic guitars, creating a positive, tranquil and tender mood. It's good background music for TV, nature scenes, documentaries and romantic scenes.

Udu Groove

Composer: Owen Phillips
A mellow and uplifting track featuring udu, drums, congas, shakers and a groovy bassline, creating a positive and laid back mood. A good background for TV, travel programs and documentaries.
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