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Sad Acoustic Guitars

(do not miss listening from 1.43) Acoustic guitars and soft orchestral arrangement for a sad intense track with melancholy and a bit of hope in the future. Catchy melancholic melody with awesome piano counterpoint and strings melody in the 2nd section (1.43). Flashbacks, memories, opening scene...

Slow sad violin & strings Nocturne Melody

Imagine the lament of a single small planet lost in the vastness of the universe. The mood is sad but not desperate, and the solo violin theme very suggestive. There is an harmonic beautiful tranquillity in being faraway from all... Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, rising....

Soft Ethereal Woodwinds Nocturne

Extremely delicate and rarefied woodwinds quintet and celesta arrangement for a nocturne mood. You can feel the solitude, the unlimited space in which loose your way but with serenity, without anxiety or sadness. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, rising, journey. Dramatic...

Sad Slow Classical Strings Orchesta

Emphatic melodies for string orchestra in this slow and sad romantic track. Complex strings arrangement with counterpoints, variations, climax and a modern classical style. Flashbacks, memories, Blockbuster Hollywood Love Story. Intensely romantic Ballad Dramatic Narrative Passion Sorrow Classi...

Soft Melancholic Hybrid Orchestra & Piano

(do not miss listening from 0.40) Delicate and evocative piano and synth melancholy theme, that breaks up in a sweet and emphatic orchestral theme, with a lush arrangement. Blockbuster Hollywood Love Story. Intensely romantic, period film, yearning, head over heels in love. PART A; PART B 0.40; ...

Soft Sad Contemporary Classical Harp Flute

Contemporary classical music for harp and flute, with dissonances but also with a constantly “cantabile” melody. The mood is soft and ethereal, sweet and melancholic, with hope in the future and uplifting mood despite adversity. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown ...


An atmospheric, contemporary cinematic hybrid orchestral cue that conveys wonder and drama. Lush strings are accompanied by horns, pulsating synths, light beats and a beautiful female voice. Great for trailers, time-lapse, dramatic scenes and projects that need an emotional yet uplifting soundtrack.

The Top of the Mountain (Main Track)

The Top of the Mountain is a song with a country-western vibe. There is two versions of this track.

The Top of the Mountain (No Vocals)

The Top of the Mountain is a song with a country-western vibe. This version has no vocals.

Inspire Motivation

Corporate success track. This track is meant to be a very upbeat, positive, and happy track that a company can use to identify their advertisements, or presentations with a very confident message.

Inspire The Heart

This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music track. Great for corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials. Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener.

Inspirational Journey

An uplifting instrumental pop rock track, featuring driving live drums, expansive guitar arpeggios, piano and string sections. It's ideal for use in media where the message of winning and success is paramount, such as corporate presentations, sports, drama, news or websites.

Sport News

by Evgeny
Uplifting and motivational music. Intro builds up into the strong guitar and bass riff with a straight drum rhythm. The main theme performed by strings and electric guitar. Good mood, emotional lift. Works well as an intro theme, tv show, news, sport reviews.

The Story Begins

A gentle and haunting lullabye, great for story telling, trailers, fantasy, etc. Featuring Celesta, Horns, 'Ooh' vocals and strings.

Innovation Technologies

Beautifully bright soft and easy melodic backing music to create happy uplifting and charming moods of hope romance optimism and inspiration in any form of media including retail leisure phone on hold corporate video website advertising marketing promo underscore in TV film movie documentary.
Yann Keerim
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