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Futuristic Electronic with ambient pads, atmospheric strings and mystical guitars.


Dark cinematic underscore, with ambient piano and strings.


Motivational uplifting instrumental with rhythmic guitars, soft synth and xylophone.


Atmospheric Post-Rock with steady pace and ambient voices.

Ever Decreasing Circles

Featuring a wall of lush ambient guitars and synth pads, Ever Decreasing Circles is a melancholy piece of music suited to breathtaking backdrops, poignant or melancholy moments, etc.

Lounge Lizard

Hip, swingin' retro 60s inspired lounge featuring hammond and vox organs, clavinet and an infectious drum and conga groove.


Featuring ambient processed guitars, synth drones and haunting piano, Unrequited woulld be great for nature, breathtaking backdrops, melancholy moments,etc.

Beta Waltz

Cinematic track with a dramatic but also playful vibe

Dance Of The Elves

An orchestral piece with harp, flute, strings, pizzicato and expressive horns. A waltz dance with dramatic and beautiful themes. Takes you in a fantasy world of elves and wizards.

Tablet (30sec)

A cute piece for universal use. It's a very versatile 30 second track with an easy swing feel as an ideal background for every advert or commercial.

Morning Ambient Motivation

Modern ambient electronic. Reflecting progress, buildings and modern structures. Suitable for various use, background music fly through animations, corporate reflections, cityscapes, progress etc. Corporate music for film, videos and sci-fi segments.

M38 Midnight City - The Fourth Version

Fresh modern pop music with unique synth parts, athmosheric soundscapes and 80ties drums. Great for youth, presentations, image movies and advertisment.

M38 Midnight City - The Sixth Version (No Piano Veersion)

Fresh modern pop music with unique synth parts, athmosheric soundscapes and 80ties drums. Great for youth, presentations, image movies and advertisment.


Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with energetic strings and bold, bright horns. Builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

Modern Inspirational

This is a positive, energetic and rhythmic pop rock track with nice melody, electric guitars, bass guitar, strings, synths, drums and percussion. Great for background in your business projects, presentation, videos, slideshows, TV or commercial.

Morning Advertising Background

This is the soundtrack for a beautiful day in the sun. It has an upbeat positive good mood created by whistling, guitar, piano, marimba, tuba, and electric organ. Perfect for a children’s or kid’s show, app, film, cartoon.

Electro Acoustic Marimba Jazzy Quartet Unusual Sound

Rhythmic & harmonic background with delayed marimba & soft bass flute melody, brush drums and plucked bass. It reminds something like a small waterfall. Good for a short shower scene, not in a sexy way, but to wash away thoughts and problems. Commercial Promo Flash Animation Infomercial Oriental ...

Emotional Rain Night Driving Lost

Intense and evocative piano, harp, solo strings with a sense of movement, like driving in a rainy night lost in your thoughts/problems. Classical chamber orchestration with piano arpeggio, solo strings melody, counterpoints, rich harmonies. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, ...

Inspirational Hip Hop

Electro & synth hip hop with staccato strings. Inspiring, beautiful & emotional but also groovy and powerful. A bit malincholic but also uplifting with an intense chords progression. Action Documentary Drama Family Infomercial Videogames Sport Urban Car Commercial Promo Travel

Jazz Quartet Sax Melody Medium Soft

Soft but groovy melodic jazzy quartet with catchy sax lead. No dissonances and no virtuosity, just melody and traditional harmonies for an easy listening or background movie scenes. Piano, El. bass, Sax, Drum brushes. Commercial Promo Documentary Infomercial Romantic Action
Yann Keerim
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