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My Happiness 2

This piece is a lullaby and may be used in presentations to recall childhood or the freedom and innocence associated with childhood. This piece is also ideal for use with animations and cartoons. Twinkling stars and fairy tales come to mind when listening.

Trap Goes My Heart

Melodic trap with focus on typical rhythmic elements and additional dubstep influences. Modern and atmospheric sound for great projects.

I See You

Different influences come together in this calm and easy track with flute, voices and unique leadsounds. A versatile piece for many travel applications.

Schools Out

A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for action sports and many more.

Sunshine Clap Track

Happy corporate ukulele music with a lively handclap upbeat groove and lovely piano melodies. Perfect acoustic track for presentations, sunny summer themes, commercials and advert.

Young Love Heart

Dreamy housemusic with soft pulsating synths and vocal-like soundscapes, lovely flutes and strings. Great for love themes, animations, childlike themes and fantasy.

Dramatic Dubstep With Strings

Dramatic Dubstep with chamber strings and an energetic dubstep part with wobble synths and strong fx sounds. Great for presentations, documentations, fashion and lifestyle.


Relaxing Ambient music with soft soundscapes and calming synth pads. Great for meditation, yoga and wellness.

Motivational Background 2

A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or simply as a great background for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.


Acoustic upbeat with piano, ukulele and whistle hook. Youthful and naive vibes.

New Start

Inspiring fast pace Indie-Rock Instrumental, with driving guitar hooks and energetic drums.


Ambient Pop with bittersweet melodies and playful percussion.


Futuristic Electronic with ambient pads, atmospheric strings and mystical guitars.


Dark cinematic underscore, with ambient piano and strings.


Motivational uplifting instrumental with rhythmic guitars, soft synth and xylophone.


Atmospheric Post-Rock with steady pace and ambient voices.

Ever Decreasing Circles

Featuring a wall of lush ambient guitars and synth pads, Ever Decreasing Circles is a melancholy piece of music suited to breathtaking backdrops, poignant or melancholy moments, etc.

Lounge Lizard

Hip, swingin' retro 60s inspired lounge featuring hammond and vox organs, clavinet and an infectious drum and conga groove.
Yann Keerim
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