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Only Champions 30 second version

by hawkey
A fast paced and aggressive rock track that’s great for extreme sports or rivalries.

Sparkling ukulele swinging

Gentle and bright, featuring a childlike bell melody, a breezy ukulele and warm jazz brushes drums with an elegant double bass line that create a carefree and feel-good mood

Corporate Union

This is simple, minimal and beautiful Corporate music with light and warm sound. Main instruments are piano, synth, bass and soft drum kit. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Wake Up Beautiful Wonder

A fragile flower awakes - Beautiful music theme with lovely strings, delicate music harpe, grand warm acoustic piano and carming bells. Great for scenes of seeing for the very first time, waking up to a new love, positive family situations and feel good scenes with children.

Music Box Sweet Love

Innocent and sweet music box love theme. Perfect for quiet calm dreamy moments in romatic and nostalgic films, peaceful lullaby music for baby, children and toddler TV or warm childish, sentimental and romance moments.

Midnight Crow - Scary Halloween

Scary and creepy atonal orchestral music and sound scape – creates an atmosphere of terror, dark and evil fear! Dissonant strings, broken piano and screaming guitars makes this music great for scenes with horror, psychological thriller or halloween.

Bad Dream Halloween Horror

A Scary and Haunting piece of music, great for horror and thriller visuals. Very Scary, tense and ominous with plenty of suspense and fear! A great piece of Horror / psychological thriller music for all your scary projects

Grab The Day

Inspiring, beautiful and elegant music featuring warm and uplifting acoustic piano creating a light and optimistic mood. The positive and energetic atmosphere makes it great for uses involving personal inspiration, happiness, self-discovery, corporate success and other motivational uses.

Float On

Simple, soft and deeply moving music featuring mellow acoustic piano. The repetitive flowing theme creates a peaceful, calm and melancholic mood. Great for emotional and reflective scenes expressing both sentimental longing and comforting hope.


Melancholic and reflective beautiful piano theme creating a atmosphere of longing and emotional thoughtfulness. It gives the feeling of fall and winter coming soon. Great for peaceful and pensive scenes - a time for lonely reflection and peaceful thoughts.

Reggae House

This is a heavily reggae influenced house track complete with pianos, organs, horns and deep bass. Creates a warm mood. Will be great for travel videos, youth videos, fashion, background music and much more.

Be Together

This is a full vocal deep house track with a warm love vibe! Simular to something from Kaskade or Morgan Page. Features guitars, pianos, mallet instruments and awesome vocal performance. Perfect for romance videos, valentines day, fashion use, background music, corporate use, youth videos and much m...
Yann Keerim
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