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Stop Chasing Me

A very quirky, experimental electronic track with synths and drums.

Southern Jam Night

Cool Blues/Country track with edgy southern feel. Full-band arrangement.

Sounds In The Distance

Short orchestral piece with flute, strings and harp. Great for scene ending, ID spot or logo.

Endless Sky

Open roads, inspiring sceneries, a clear path towards a better, happier future. This melodic, acoustic track is all about that sense of serene joy to which we all aspire. It is also a very versatile track, perfect for a variety of different situations: think of family, harmony, nature, love and frie...

Summer In Paradise

Dreamy atmosphere, authentic exotic sounds, and a soothing melody. This track will take you to the the most inspiring tropical islands in the world, where you will find happiness, serenity and peace of mind. Maybe it's just a dream. But if you need a soundtrack for productions related to beaches and...

Long Gone

Inspirational, atmospheric acoustic track, with a clear cinematic quality. Based on acoustic guitar and beautiful violins, all played by real musicians, it can be used for romantic scenes, documentaries, or any production that needs to be inspiring, suggestive or uplifting. Several edits available ...

Good Reasons

A mid-tempo pop-rock ballad, inspiring, powerful and dramatic at the same time. Punchy drums and a memorable lead guitar makes it evocative and truly versatile as a background or soundtrack for a variety of different production needs. A 60 seconds edit and a seamless loop version are also available.

Back And Forth

A joyful, bouncy country track, with a retro flavor, reminiscent of the 60's rock&roll sounds. Nice guitars, violins and hammond organ, all played by real musicians. Happy and optimistic without being too frenetic or too invasive, very flexible and versatile, ideal as background for a variety of pro...

Pride And Passion

An epic, powerful, cinematic rock ballad. It gradually builds up to a very anthemic, inspirational chorus, with beautiful guitars, piano and strings section. It offers plenty of flexibility, with both quiet parts, which create anticipation, and fully orchestrated sections, which convey resolution. I...

Something Quite Precious

Beautiful, sentimental orchestral piece with pouring emotion. Great for film score or TV drama!

Some Wishes Come True

Beautiful, emotional piece with piano, choir and full orchestra. Real Hollywood film score feel.

Shining Light

Short, emotional piece - great for scene change/ending.

She Aint Coming Back

Slow Blues piece performed on grand piano. Very melancholic and reflective feel.

Shaking In My Boots

Chilling Horror/Suspense track with spooky orchestral arrangements.

Rock This House Down

Classic Rock track with solid groove and edgy guitars. Upbeat and fun!

Pouring Out My Emotions

Delicate & emotional orchestral piece, beautifully performed on piano, strings and harp.
Yann Keerim
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