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Fantasy Cinematic

It's a magical orchestral cinematic background fantasy soundtrack with great sounds of marimba, xylophone and pizzicato strings. This unique and atmospheric music theme is more than perfect for your documentary projects, discovery channels, travel movies, geographic videos or anything that needs a g...

Bollywood Cinematic Beats

This indian dance and positive bhangra upbeat soundtrack is a mix of indian rhythms, instruments and traditional folk voices. This background music features tumbi, tabla, dhol, indian flute (bansuri), ghatam and madal. Perfect for movie, cinema, Indian fashion show, Indian / Arabic corporate videos...

Chill Ambient Background Space

Abstract, chillout, relaxing composition with atmosphere mood. Great for chill zones, blog, fashion show, cafe/shop/market/web, slideshow, youtube channels and any kind of video where you want soft lounge background music. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic is a happiness, beautiful, uplifting cinematic music soundtrack that gives you a perfect magical mood of holidays. It's a perfect Christmas theme for your holiday you tube videos, info-graphics, presentations, advertising, TV projects and events, Christmas movies, trailers, cartoons,...

Amazing Wonderful India

Positive romantic soundtrack with Indian melodies with amazing female vocalize! Perfect for Indian documentary, Indian wedding, romantic stories, ethnic trailer, lifestyle in India, YouTube, Indian fashion show, Indian corporate videos, travel video. Also this optimistic and uplifting music is perf...

Arabic Epic Cinematic Trailer

Authentic background epic instrumental composition with passion oud, deep ethno oriental strings, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional arabic epical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary, culture v...

Mysterious Adventure

Magical cinematic background soundtrack with hang drum, marimba, xylophone and other percussions. Perfect for documentary, discovery channels, travel movie, geographic videos or anything that needs music percussions background. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Happy Optimist

Uplifting and optimistic soundtrack with cheer up playful human whistle. Excellent for advertising, marketing, presentation, promotion, family video, youtube projects, media background and many more. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Joyful Positive Mood

Happy and cheerful background music track in a comedy cinematic theme with playful, quirky and funny mood, which works well on many comedy scenes, hidden camera videos, prank videos, funny commercials. It features pizzicato strings, clarinet, oboe, marimba, xylophone, bells and orchestral mallet ins...

Spirit of Magical India

Graceful, magical Indian mood music for your projects. World music ethnic soundtrack that will seduce fans who appreciate authentical, sophisticated and elegant. Track features tradition instruments as sitar, tabla, bansuri, tampura, santoor, bamboo flute and several others. It will be great for an...

Slide Emotional Guitar

Atmospheric motivational background soundtrack in country style with slide, steel and resonator guitars. You will find the best use for commercials, presentations, corporate projects, slide shows, You Tube videos, TV and radio media production. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Cinematic Fantasy Trailer

Cinematic Inspirational Orchestral Soundtrack will be perfectly as background music for advertisement, fantasy film, children’s animation, fantastic videos, intros, titles, youtube videos, documentary, nature and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Indian Modern Future Sitar

Contemporary motivational soundtrack of Indian music with Future Bass elements. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentation. Perfect for movie, cartoons, cinema, Indian fashion show, Indian corporate videos, ethnic trailer, YouTube, TV. Also t...

Bollywood Uplifting Pop Party

Modern, dance and positive soundtrack with Indian melodies inspired from Bollywood! Perfect for movie, cartoons, cinema, Indian fashion show, Indian corporate videos, ethnic trailer, YouTube, TV. Also this energetic and uplifting music is perfect for any commercial inspirational, motivational or upl...

Didgeridoo Lounge Chillout

Warm and atmospheric downtempo background soundtrack with ethnic elements (didgeridoo). Suitable for travel and nature videos, geographical and documentaries videos, TV programs, reviews, or any kind of video where you want soft modern ethno lounge music or anything that needs ethno/world music bac...

Post Apocalyptic Ambient

Dramatic and sad cinematic background soundtrack for futuristic, catastrophic, painful, gloomy and emotionally sad scene, captions and titers in the movie, science fiction, video games. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Country Playful Background

Positive and motivational background soundtrack in country style with slide, steel, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle strings. You will find the best use for commercials, presentations, corporate, slideshows, YouTube videos, TV and radio media production. Creating an atmosphere of inspira...

Funky Funky

Funk groove track with rhythm and wah-wah guitar, horn section, baritone sax, syncopated bass guitar, brass, catchy drums for TV show opener, YouTube videos, promotions, presentations, birthday celebration, corporate videos, background music, TV advertising, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, ...

Oriental HipHop Middle East Trap

This is a modern arabic soundtrack, filled with oriental arabian orchestral deep strings, east ney flute, ethnic darabuka, sub bass, and modern synths. Mixed with hiphop beat. Great for projects about culture and beauty of Middle East, travel videos and any kind of media that needs some fresh orient...

Another Strange World

Futuristic ambient atmospheric electronic track with strange vocal chops. Ideal for: science fiction, history about space and other planets of the universe, science fiction, sci-fi, abstract slideshow, abstract performance, presentation, abstract animation, experimental video projects, soundtrack fo...

Cheerful Playful Ensemble

Playful, fun, background, comedy, cinematic theme with positive and funny mood. If you need a subtle comical underscore for your elegant humor scene, this is the track for you. Perfect for film trailer, movie scene, wedding videos, background presentation, a slide show, historical documentaries, com...
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