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Jive Turkey

Fun and exciting nu disco track with groovy drums, slap bass, funky guitars, disco fx, string runs, and synth stabs. Groovy and energetic with modern elements. Great for lifestyle, entertainment, nightlife, and vlogging content


Energetic hip hop boom bap track with big brass, orch hits, vocal chops, driving funky drums, guitarand bass, synth riffs, and percussion. Driving and arrogant with old school vibes. Ideal for lifestyle, urban, sports, entertainment, and vlogging content

Hip Hop Logo

A stylish hip hop logo track with turntable crackle, drumkit snare and scratched vinyl. Perfect for podcasting, social media videos, marketing, urban projects, street footwear, apparel branding, skateboarding content, gaming, vlogging and more!

Futuristic Emotional Electronica

A deep, atmospheric electronic track, featuring cool and unusual synth sounds, unique sounddesign elements and experimental glitch drums and percussion. Building inspiring, hypnotic tension. Styled for modern, yet emotional content. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media pr...

Designer Apparel

An atmospheric and stylish electronic music track. It features synths, drums, percussion and vocal effects. Perfect for fashion video content, urban footage, vlogging, advertising, commercials, marketing, branding, promotional videos, technology, travel videos, or sports.


Hard hitting nu metal track with chugging riffs, thunderous drums, and a thriller suspense vibe. Great for sports, action, adventure, and urban lifestyle content

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming

They Call Me Hip Spanker

Guitar chugging trap beat with eclectic swaggar vibe. Cool and arrogant appeal with vocal stabs, lofi perc and synth plucks. Suitable for reality TV, Film soundtrack, and Urban entertainment/lifestyle content

Sunny No More

Chill relaxed R&B flavored hiphop track with sultry guitar lead and lush old skool vibes. Suitable for sexy programming, urban tv/film content, and drama, lifestyle shows

Suburban Dreamer

Dreamy guitar driven future bass track. Chill and ethereal vibes. Key of C with button ending. Wobble synths and ambient pads. Suitable for leisure, entertainment, lifestyle, and corporate content

Scene City

Dark macabre hiphop track with boys choir, dark piano, & acoustic guitar...Ominous Depressing Vibe good for horror, mystery, and thriller content. Also good for ads and commercials

Paperbag Blues

Trap and blues hybrid track with stomps and claps, driving kick and 808s, and vocal samples. Bluesy and sensual. Good for lifestyle and entertainment content for TV/Film and ads

Orange Funk

A Funky boom bap hip hop track with horns, funky guitars and leads, groovin bass, samples vocals, and DJ stabs and hits. High energy and exhilirating. Great for lifestyle and entertainment tv/film programs, urban content, sports, and social media vloggers

O Come All Ye Faithful

A Driving trap rendition of this christmas song that’s festive, positive, and dreamy. Great for seaasonal content and lifestyle programming

Modern Couture

A chill, posh, and eccentric downtempo deep house electronic track with a relaxed, artsy vibe. Trancy and subdued with a trap groove and synthscapes. suited for lifestyle content, art exhibits, fashion related programming, and corporate informative shows.

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Uno

Lofi Chill Smooth Jazz Hiphop track with soothing vintage piano, bass, portamento, and hiphop old school drums. Chill relaxing vibe with vintage vinyl noise. Great for studying, lounge, and social media content

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Dos

Chill Lofi Hiphop track with r&b guitar focus. Downtempo melancholy study vibe. Suitable for vlogs and chill content

Ghetto Tango

Dramedy type latin trap with wah synth, plucks, strings, trap drums & percussion, and sliding 808s. Mysterious and edgy hybrid track that’s bouncy and quirky with a tango-esque melody. Suitable for urban content, lifestyle, fashion, and social media vlogs and videos

Angels We Have Heard On High

A Fun and festive boom bap version of the classic christmas carol. With bouncy drums, funky bass and guitar, and xmas elements on lead melody. Great for seasonal programming and lifestyle content.
Yann Keerim
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