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Quirky Funk Retro

A groovy, retro royalty free funky tune, with a pounding bass, guitars, synths, bells, vocal fx, brass, claps and snaps, best for cooking vlogs, ads, product reviews or fancy movies. Available in 3 variations. Quirky Funk Retro Full - 1:09 Quirky Funk Retro Ver 1 - 0:43 Quirky Funk Retro Ver 2 - 0:3...

Good Enough To Be An Idiot (driving rock song)

An introspective and fun, faster, rocking song full of electric guitars, driving bass and drums, and a male vocal singing about what it feels like to have been an idiot in girls’ lives as a boyfriend. Includes guitar solo and has an 80s feel. It can work on many different types of presentations, a...

Siempre Te Amare (anthemic 80s rock song)

An anthemic rock song with driving electric guitars, bass, and drums. Its Spanish male vocals sing about always loving somebody and the choruses are filled out by a complete set of over 15 backing vocals. Do you remember those anthemic stadium rock songs of the 80s? This is that song.

Thaw (fun country shuffle)

A fun and uplifting rock country song with a shuffle beat with male vocals singing about a woman who's very cold to him. Harmonica, electric guitars, and a driving rhythm section of bass and drums are rounded out by a large collection of backing vocals. It can work on many different types of present...

Flowers in the Sun (rock, uplifting and motivational)

A rocking and uplifting song written about coming together as the human race, that anything is possible, flowers in the sun, rain on the moon. It's a driving rock song with male vocals and huge backing vocals, and also has an 80’s feel with bass, drums, and loops. It can work on many different typ...

Hero's Journey (inspiring acoustic)

An inspiring and uplifting acoustic song with male vocals about finding your own way in life. Hip hop beats and a beautiful female voice fill out the sound, together with a Spanish guitar. It can work on many different types of presentations, as background or introduction music for YouTube videos, i...

Blue House

An instrumental blues piece with a guitar solo. Played by electric guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums.

New Spirits of Funk

An instrumental funky song played by electric guitars, bass, drums, organ and trumpets.

You Got the Blues

A blues/rock’n’roll jam played by electric guitars, bass, piano, horns and drums.

Far From the Country

A Country/Western instrumental song. Played by electric guitars, slide guitar, bass and drums.

Going out for a Walk

Chilled and Upbeat Acoustic Indie Rock with drum, bass, and powerful folk guitars. It brings an uplifting, positive, and happy vibe to the listener. Perfect for Intros, Transitions, Youtube, Vlogs, Teens, TV Shows.

A New Beginning

Upbeat, groovy, and upbeat pop track. Features real guitars and groovy bass and drums. It will be nice for video about vlog, lifestyle, street, fashion, sport, dynamic opener, commercials, uplifting, gym, fitness, workout, slideshow, and more.
Yann Keerim
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