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No Limits

by hawkey
A short fast indie pop track that’s full of energy and optimism.

Family Storys

Positive corporate pop with playful piano, bass guitar and funky acoustic drums. Perfect for family storys, themes around health, food and commercials.

The Spirit

Athmospheric minimal house with sexy and dreamy femal vocal chants, smooth synths and a deep bass. Perfect for shows, background music or mystical themes.

Emotional Melancholy Background (Piano & Cello)

Track includes piano played by Josh Kramer and Cello performed by renowned cellist Tina Guo. A beautiful, sentimental, poignant and emotional track featuring piano, cello and violin. Starts out soft and simple with just piano and then cello and violin come in, adding extra layers of emotions and...

Upbeat and Happy

A modern, fresh and uplifting track with piano, acoustic guitar, drums, background vocals. Perfect for any movie, tv show or video production that needs a positive indie vibe. The alt version contains no guitar at the end.

Manga Anime Drum & Bass

Modern liquid drum and bass with a manga and anime typical singing female vocal. Sounds fresh, young and powerful. This tracks makes fun to listen to. Great for games, sports and lifestyle.

Manga Anime Drum & Bass Instrumental

Modern liquid drum and bass. Sounds fresh, young and powerful. This tracks makes fun to listen to. Great for games, sports and lifestyle.

Take Optimistic Theme

A gentle melancholy & emotional opening methodically & progressively builds into a wave of fresh inspiration, positivity, and persevereance. Determined strings compliement a twanging guitar melody further complimented by various percussion, giving the piece a rhythmic, lively and uplifting fee...

Summer Dinner

Fresh and funny, music track with a Brazil touch featuring acoustic guitar and whistle. Perfect for corporate projects, product presentations, family & children videos, advertising, Tv projects.

Hold on my Heart

Sweet, gentle, uplifting song featuring a bells melody upon a warm strings pad and an ukulele arpeggio. Perfect for romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows. Suitable for Tv shows, cinema, youtube videos and more!

Funny Playground

Sweet and Cheerful song featuring acoustic piano, glockenspiel, bass, drums. Perfect for commercials, business and corporate projects, films, videos advertising campaigns , podcasting, viral marketing or any project that requires a fun and uplifting sonic backdrop.

Dark World

Dark World is the perfect track for your suspence and mistery movies and trailers. It starts with a dark atmosphere and then settle into a rhythm part where the theme is developed.

Calypso Sea

Cheerful, upbeat, happy island music featuring marimbas and kalimba. Perfect for summer projects, family & children videos, anything related to Caribbean, beach, tropical.

All News

This is a dynamic and energetic announcement. It will perfectly fit for news, intros, videos and other openings.

Inspired Wonder

Calm and heavenly filmmusic with a lovely piano, soft strings and atmospheric pads as well as gentle choir. Provides a feeling of peace, relaxing and tranquility. Great for romantic moments, retroperspective and mindful scenes.
Yann Keerim
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