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Paradise On Earth

Charming, elegant orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Overcoming The Odds

Emotional, inspiring piece with piano and strings. Very elegant and passionate atmosphere.

Overcoming The Obstacles

Beautifully inspiring piece beginning with piano, then gradually building into full-band. Motivating, emotional and uplifting feel.

Onward Through Life

Inspiring, uplifting track with full-band arrangement. Starts softly, then gradually builds throughout...

Noble Statesman

Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

No Victory Like This

Dramatic, epic Cinematic track with powerful orchestration over pulsating, driving beat. Great for tense action scene!

No Time For Weakness

Dramatic, tense action/adventure peice with driving percussion amd orchestral instruments.

Nicely Does It

Short, catchy stinger with uplifting, positive feel. Great for ID spot and corporate logo.

My Life Is For Living

Uplifting full-band track with driving beat and catchy melody. Great for advertising and corporate use!

Miracles Happen

Magical Disney-style orchestral piece. Great for cinematic or children's use.

Me Against The World

Triumphant, epic cinematic piece with driving beat, orchestra and electric guitar. Great for suspenseful action/adventure scene.

Many Years Ago

Sophisticated, elegant old-time swing piece with full-band orchestration. Happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Looking For Destinction

Dynamic, action-packed track with driving beat, strings, electric guitar and synths. Great for epic action/adventure scene.

Life's Journey

Grand cinematic piece with epic, flowing orchestral arrangements. Magical Disney-style feel.

Life Of The Riches

A short, catchy Disney-style orchestral piece - great for scene ending, logo or corporate ID.

Leaving No Trace

Short, energetic Action/Adventure track with urgent, tense atmosphere. Great for stinger or scene change.

Late Night Bossa Nova

Classy, elegant Bossa Nova with late night cocktail lounge feel.

Just Loving It All

Uplifting, quirky Jazz piece with full-band arrangement. Comedic, happy-go-lucky feel.

Join Me For Tea

A catchy, quirky orchestral piece with a magical Disney-style feel.

It's Childrens Time

Short stinger with Disney-style orchestral arrangements. Great for presentation logo and commercial.
Yann Keerim
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