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Corporate Success

Uplifting and inspirational pop track. Happy, positive energetic vibe with guitars, piano, synths and contemporary beats. Great for motivational, corporate and marketing productions, promotions, commercials and media that needs an inspiring, optimistic soundtrack.


Bright, Atmospheric, Catchy, Driving, Dynamic, Energetic, Loud, Big, Transparent, Wide and Bouncy Musical Composition with huge emotional impact. Strong Background music for your successful and unique Video, Media, TV, Radio, Photo, Promo, YouTube, Presentations, Movies, Commercials, Advertising and...

Misdeeds And Mischief

A fast and furious piece for string orchestra. Quick and to the point, complete with flurrying string runs. Suitable for manic scenes, comedy, fantasy,etc.


Feel the influence of Cuba, throughout this upbeat, warm-hearted dance track.


MTV style HIp-Hop. A perfect underscore for money, rich lifestyles,etc.

Mono No Name

Lush gentle pads, piano and ambient vocals form the core of this track. Ethereal, serene and emotional. Perfect for somber/bitter sweet scenes, relaxationm spa, etc.

My Gift To You

An unusual combination of indie rock and ambient. Niche, but perfect for thriller/horror.

Inspirational Acoustic Background

Beautiful, light and Gentle Corporate composition with nice and wide atmosphere in inspiring and motivating mood. Perfect Background audio for your Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion, Radio, Photo-Audio-Video, Broadcast, TV or other Projects.

Cinematic Romantic

Beautiful, light, Intimate, Touching, Inmost, Deep, Lyrical, Orchestral, Piano, Acoustic, Sweet, Lovely, Gentle, Subtle, Sentimental and very intimate musical piece in inspirational and motivational mood with a deep philosophical sense. Perfect for your romantic and lyrical media projects.

Inspirational Corporate Business

Beautiful inspirational and motivational track with light and gentle atmosphere will give you a perfect background for your successful projects !

Inspirational Corporate Business (short edit)

Beautiful inspirational and motivational track with light and gentle atmosphere will give you a perfect background for your successful projects !

Inspiring Motivational

Very Positive, Optimistic, Pop, Dance, Bouncy, Catchy, Modern, Atmospheric, Bright and Dynamic Background Music with summer and sunny mood. Beautiful audio for any Video, Media, Multimedia, Photo, Promo, YouTube, Presentation, TV, Advertising, Commercial and other projects.

Adrenalin Shot

Intense pop dance track with electric guitar and powerful drum arrangement. Cool sound for the next sports project, documentaries and many more.

Asian Dreams

A business and corporate type underscore featuring a variety of Asian instruments and sounds.

Midnight Chase. - Eric Darkenwav

High energy drum and percussion based track great for chase scenes or dramatic underscores. Features breaks and tempo changes at the end of the track.

Drive It Through

This track combines both high energy with dramatic overtones. A great underscore featuring different sections for good editing.

Chasing After

This track combines a variety of drum and synth sounds to create a unique overtone for dramatic and energetic uses. It has different time changes yet flows throughout.

Nowhere To Hide

A dramatic and energetic track for tv and movie scenes featuring drums, percussion and various keyboards and effects.

Light Corporate

Very versatile, optimistic and positive pop music with piano, muted guitar and a light drum set. Perfect for advertising, slideshows imagevideos and much more.

Swing and Smile

Happy and light popsong with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano and bells. Perfect for commercials or any children related project and many more.
Yann Keerim
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