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The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano)

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano) is a beautiful, heartfelt music track with a romantic atmosphere that moves the heart and touches the soul. It features a melodic and gentle piano motif. Perfect for love story videos, wedding ceremony, proposal footage, optimistic/motivational/upli...

Worthwhile (Indie Acoustic Guitar Uplifting)

Worthwhile (Indie Acoustic Guitar Uplifting) is a pacifying endless stream of the amazing sound of an acoustic guitar and piano that radiates peace and tranquility and is conducive to reflection and meditation. Relaxes and makes thoughts and mind light and clear. Works great with travel videos, stor...

I Am Everything

This is a pop rock song. It is heartfelt, emotional, and touching. Great for scenes involving heartbreak, relationship difficulties, and relationship separations. It is a lovely song about a woman singing to her lover, beckoning them to show their true selves.

Watching Love Go By (Sentimental Lyrical Spanish Guitar)

Watching Love Go By (Sentimental Lyrical Spanish Guitar) is a heartfelt and sentimental acoustic guitar track that expresses a romantic feeling of longing and love. It features contemplative fingerstyle acoustic guitar melodies. Ideal for romantic movie scenes, drama films, love story, Valentine’s...


Lyrical, romantic track with orchestral instruments: violin, cello, soft piano. The various rhythmic touches of the violin playing fascinate and positively tune. Let's create cool videos together!

Feels Like Home

A beautiful contemplative track that features soothing and gentle acoustic guitar melodies. Style: Acoustic guitar ambience. Cinematic score. Drama and romance. Mood: Emotionally moving inspiration. Thoughtful peace. Touching and sentimental. Perfect for: promotional videos, commercials, fi...

a beautiful love story

guitar all the way fading into future pop EDM Electronic Dance Music, state-of-the-art. Perfect for club or festival. Check my page for more EDM hits European dance music.

under water i hear the mermaids sing

This is a short and sweet ambient track featuring warm electronic flourishes and synth. The overall vibe is calming and reflective. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertise...

Romantic Sentimental Emotion - Loop Version

Background atmospheric royalty frree track, with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Perfect for slideshows, wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Background Corporate

This inspiring guitar track creates a unique atmosphere that puts your project up front. It’s elegant and beautiful melody motivates and brings comfort and peace at the same time. It is a perfect background for documentary, YouTube videos, journey/travel/family videos, love story videos, wedding v...

Calm Acoustic Guitar

A heartfelt calm ambient acoustic guitar track. It will accentuate the most nostalgic moments in your project - romantic video, emotional but calm movie scene, confession of love, love story video, or proposal footage.

Ambient Acoustic Guitar

The beauty of the sound of the ambient acoustic guitar will immerse you in the atmosphere of peace and light. The simplicity of the melody is designed to echo in your mind and soul and awaken precious memories and warm feelings.

That's The Way My Love Goes - mellow rock David Crosby, Astral Drive, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren

Reflective love song with melancholy overtones. Other influences include Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, and John Cale. Sweet and rich with light harmonies, and plenty of background motion despite the moderate tempo.

Beautiful Romantic Piano

a nice piano and strings melody that you can apply in a love story or video of memories.

Our story

Our story is a track made for expressing memories from a relationship that was broke , you can feel love , and sadness in every part of this song

This Magical World

Amazing, beautiful and mysterious world. The magical piano combined with the light voices of the choir and violins make this music romantic, sentimental and soothing. Perfect for lovestory, wedding videos, romantic travel and family videos. Let’s create together!

Rise of Legends

"Rise of Legends" is a powerful epic orchestral track with a growing atmosphere and culmination. The compositions used only classical instruments: piano, violin, flute, brass, horns, strings, choir and orchestral percussion.
Yann Keerim
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