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Fight Society

loopable metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Perfect for intense sports, action adventure content, and angst vlogs

Wicked Prance

Driving hard rock track reminiscent of headbangers ball days. Gritty and edgy. Great for auto racing and sports, tv/film action shows, and travel content

We Three Kings

Orchestral Metal version of a classic christmas song in 6/8 time. Dual chuggy guitar leads and rhythm accompanied by choral and brass section. Aggressive epic vibe. Suitable for christmas and holiday action and adventure content. Cool vlogs, and sports


Hard hitting nu metal track with chugging riffs, thunderous drums, and a thriller suspense vibe. Great for sports, action, adventure, and urban lifestyle content

Oasis Crunch

Cinematic Medeival Metal with crunchy guitar chugs and cinematic drums. Aggressive driving vibe with an arabian melodic solo. Great for video games, TV/Film that’s centered on action and adventure

Industrial Love Song

Cinematic metal with dual guitar leads, thunderous drums and orchestral string section. Has a anthemic feel that is both uplifting and determined. Great for video games, Ads, and TV/Film soundtrack

Hell Suite

Metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Great for sports, action, auto lifestyle, and reality TV

Disgruntled Militia

Cinematic metal style with distorted guitar riffs and aggressive string section. Epic, battle type vibe great for video games and action, fantasy, sci fi TV/Film

Blood Rain

Heavy metal track with slow riffs and FX’s. Perfect for action, extreme, videogames, trailers, heavy machines and other.

Battle Tanks

Do you wanna colorful chase or master fight? Wanna breaking bike or bleeding wrestling? Anyway, this track is all you need. Creeping intro, powerful chorus and atmospheric ref make your video or something else great!


Aggressive and powerful metal track with brutal guitars, overdrive bass, scratches and big smashing drums, ideal for sport clips, extreme cars, action games or trailers.

High Stakes

Heavy, impetuous, triplet rock track with guitars, bass and drums. Perfect for cars, fights and extreme.

Boiling Blood

Powerful suspenseful track featuring razor sharp guitars, hard-hitting percussive sounds draped in nervous synthesizers. Will work very well in games, trailers or any other media seeking tense musical underscoring.


is a particularly gritty and aggressive form of rock music. The electric guitar is often emphasized through distortion and other effects, either while being used as a rhythm guitar or as a lead guitar. The drums are often used in rhythms that lead the other instruments. The bass guitar is usually ...

Annihilation of the Doomed

Aggressive dark trailer track featuring heavy guitars, pounding percussion, pulsing synthesizers set towards a dramatic orchestral background.

Lock And Load

Dark hard-hitting trailer track featuring toxic sounding synthesizers, guitars, heavy percussion and ominous sound design. The build-up and segmentation in different parts enables editors to easily navigate the cues they need.

High Voltage // Energetic Power Rock Music

High Voltage is a powerful and energetic rock track. It is perfect for your trailer, advertising, lifestyle and sports videos, presentations, introductions, YouTube videos, racing, football, extreme sports and more! Highlight your media project with a great combination of rock metal guitar riffs, ac...

Power Action Rock

Powerful and energetic alternative Rock with action-packed energy! Featuring blistering distorted guitars, synthesisers, bass, percussion and powerful drums. A great asset for powerful intros, openers, trailers, action movie scenes, extreme sports, racing, sports, fights, chases, fast and dynamic v...
Yann Keerim
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