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Beautiful Sentiments

Emotional piece with piano and orchestra. Feeling of longing and melancholy. Very Hollywood sounding.

As Time Passes By

Soft and gentle piano piece with emotional loving atmosphere.

Take A Chance

Romantic piece with sense of melancholy. Piano, harmonica, strings and bass.

Sunday Service

A beautiful classical piece with church organ and choir.

Something Quite Precious

Beautiful, sentimental orchestral piece with pouring emotion. Great for film score or TV drama!

Some Wishes Come True

Beautiful, emotional piece with piano, choir and full orchestra. Real Hollywood film score feel.

She Aint Coming Back

Slow Blues piece performed on grand piano. Very melancholic and reflective feel.

Pouring Out My Emotions

Delicate & emotional orchestral piece, beautifully performed on piano, strings and harp.

Peace And Harmony

Spacious, emotional piece with haunting vocal performance and delicately arranged strings.

Now Or Never

Very short orchestral stinger - perfect for emotional scene change!

My Baby (Vox)

Slow Blues song with male vocals and grand piano. Reflective, tearful atmosphere.

Love On A Grand Scale

Grand, graceful classical piece with elegant & sophisticated feel.

Look Into My Eyes

Sentimental ballad with piano, orchestra and drums. Great for emotional, romance scene.

Just For The Love Of It

Emotional piece performed on piano and harmonica, will a reflective & warm atmosphere.

Journey Through Time

Lush, flowing orchestral piece with classy string arrangements. Thoughtful, dramatic atmosphere with a feeling of hope.

Heart Strings

Short emotional orchestral piece - great for scene ending or logo.

Eat Myself Some Worms (Vox)

Slow Blues song with male vocals and full band. Classy, sentimental feel.
Yann Keerim
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