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mysterious looks

Mellow electronic track with solid groove, spooky SFX and catchy, quirky synths. Suitable for mystery scene.


Dark electronic track with solid groove and edgy synths. Powerful, suspenseful atmosphere.

moonlight sonata

Beethoven's classic, with piano and dark underlying strings. Powerful and emotional.

smooth ride

Cool modern Alternative Rock track with solid groove and edgy guitars. Catchy and very groovy.

flying so high

Uplifting acoustic Folk Pop track with guitar, cello and percussion.


Upbeat action track with solid groove, synths and flowing strings.

empty journey

Spacious, open and slightly suspenseful track with piano and synths. Atmospheric and ambient.

step it up

Cool modern Hip Hop track, with solid groove, electric guitar, vocoder and catchy synths.

the first noel

Popular Christmas song, with male vocals and piano. Flowing, festive and thoughtful.

pure epic

Powerful, dramatic orchestral piece with military drums, strings, oboe, horns and piano. Triumphant and epic atmosphere.

bombay night

Solid percussion with ambient sweeping synths. Slight African or rainforest feel. Very atmospheric.

strong ties

Alternative Rock track with solid groove and cool electric guitars and organ. Flowing, cool feel!

last chance

Gripping orchestral piece with triumphant, epic feel. Dynamic, tense and powerful.

festive cheer

Modern original christmas theme with piano, strings and gentle percussion. Childish and emotional.

holiday spirit

Original Christmas holiday theme, with flowing piano, bells, percussion and lush strings.

esta forrao

Spanish track with flowing guitars, percussion, bass and synths. Emotional and authentic.

the king

Triumphant, epic orchestral track with gripping strings, horns and percussion. Great for war or patriotic scene.

chillin out

Modern Hip Hop track with solid beat and cool catchy synths. Sure to get you movin!

rough dayz

Cool, raw Alternative Rock track, with edgy twangy guitars and solid drum/bass groove.

im ready

Solid, gripping groove with edgy synths, piano and flowing synths. Upbeat, powerful and dynamic
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