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Epic Dramatic Emotional Trailer - Loop Version

Epic cinematic orchestral royalty free soundtrack. This track will be perfect for your cinematic trailers, video games, movie, videos and other commercial projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

The Lovin' Funk

Slick, sexy pop with chilled vibes, dressed in style and a huge slice of funky. Featuring electric guitars, bass, chill organ, brass, drums, hand claps and percussion. Perfect for advertising, commercials, summer, night life, parties, fashion shoots, slick videos, Ibiza, dancing/clubbing videos, ho...

Cinematic Thoughtful Documentary Edits

Cinematic thoughtful theme with a lot of magic piano and beautiful strings. Also you can hear many drums and percussions that sounds very delicate. Composition is growth gradually and get peak at the end. This music is looking for interesting documentary, creative ads, motivational corporate projec...

Lofi Chill Relax Calm

LoFi Chill Relax Calm is a smooth chill hop instrumental with a laid back beat. It features trap drums, relaxing atmospheric synths, elegant piano, echoey guitar and a female vocal sample. Style: Urban (Chillhop), Fashion (Urban, Easy), Travel (Easy), Vlog (Chillhop, Mellow Beats). Mood: Calm (Lai...

Ambient Chill Smooth

A lo-fi track with a chill beat and lounge atmosphere. Perfect music for vlogs and time-lapse.

Ambient Cinematic Background

Ambient Cinematic Background is an inspiring and gentle soundtrack. This peaceful piece is perfect for for meditation videos, nature and landscapes videos, business videos, advertising videos, slide shows, presentations and other types of media. “Ambient Cinematic Background” is a good music...

Digital Technology Corporate

An atmospheric, inspiring, deep electronic abstract music for your modern technological, innovation, scientific video projects!

Documentary Guitar Chill

This Documentary Music with Ambient and Emotional mood and atmosphere. Perfect for: documental film and video, inspiring video, docudrama , nature video, grand timelapse, great landscape, documentary intro, documentation media, documentary film, nonfiction video, documentary emotional video, inspre...

Upbeat Ambient

Corporate ambient emotional inspiring music with elements of success and freedom, motivational positive mood that great for beautiful business presentations, promotional technology advertising.

Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Motivational

Corporate Motivational – uplifting and amazing, warm, bright, optimistic and positive corporate original background music. Plenty of happy and good vibes. Perfect for: advertising, background, fashion, business projects, social media, summer, interviews, promotions, presentations, summer festi...

Stomp Clap Stomp Stomp Clap

An energetic, upbeat and powerful percussion track. Youthful uplifting stomps and claps. Perfect for commercials, openers, intros, Youtube, video games, documentaries, drone footage, time-lapse, etc. Many hit points and easy to edit.

Assurance - Piano Orchestral Cinematic

An epic, vast and expansive orchestral track that builds from intimate piano to a thunderous climax. Instruments include: intimate piano, huge strings, percussion. Expresses the spirit of the unknown and feelings of awe and wonder. Perfect for games, documentaries, space, timelapse and nature proj...

The Unspoken Words (Short Version)

Perfectly fit for cinematic documentary, inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business v...
Yann Keerim
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