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One Way Highway

Clear guitars, reverb effects and a catchy melody. A inspirational and motivational music perfect for institutional and advertising videos.

Lucky Day Groove

A catchy and joyful bass grooving on a positive music. It brings feelings of luck and desire to dance happily.

Raise the vibration

Modern electronic pop track with an uplifting vibe that would be great for motivational videos, action, sport and TV commercials.

No matter what

Minimal pop track with acoustic and electric guitars, drum and bass.

Having fun

This track has a bright and positive attitude with elegant piano lines that would be perfect for simulation, role playing and strategy.

Fun fuse

Funky fusion track with pop atmosphere, electric guitars and uplifting groove. This track would be perfect for TV commercials.

Finding my place

Lounge pop track with acoustic guitars, drum, bass, piano, strings and synths. Perfect for TV commercials and video presentations.

Don't know

Fusion lounge track with modern jazzy chord progressions and uplifting groove that would be perfect for documentaries and video presentations.

Bon voyage

Medium tempo lounge track with acoustic guitars, strings and synths. This track would be perfect for video presentations and TV infomercials.


Fresh uplifting corporate track perfect for business videos.

Heartwarming Romantic Corporate Indie Rock

Bright and optimistic music track with beautiful piano, guitars and introspective mood will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. It will work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, and commercials.

Passionate Inspiring Americana Indie Rock

This composition features catchy electric guitars with uplifting melodies and driving drums. It evokes feelings of empowerment and inspiration. The music has an uplifting mood and It will certainly work well with motivational and upbeat infomercials.
Yann Keerim
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