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Soothing Colors

Composer: Michael Adels
Calm song with a soothing mood. Familiar drum sound with electric guitar and cello. Beautiful background track.

311 Soothing Baby

A soft, calm, and sweet track, relaxing and lovely for intimate and fresh audiovisuals as well as baby soothing.

Time Forgot

Composer: Neil Cross
Romantic, dreamy piece with grand piano and orchestra. With a nostalgic, sentimental atmosphere, this track is perfect for a variety of uses.

Poor Old Humpty Dumpty

Composer: Neil Cross
Acoustic folk version of the popular children's tune, Humpty Dumpty. Peaceful, relaxing and nostalgic, this track is great for a variety of uses. Male vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings and female vocal accompaniment.

Emotional Piano and Strings (Uplifting Piano Theme)

Composer: Infinite Audio
Intimate sounding, hopeful, and romantic piano and strings track. It suits all types of wedding or nature videos, where love and happiness are dominant emotions.

Emotional Inspiring Piano and Strings

Composer: Infinite Audio
Slow, romantic, and truly hopeful piano and orchestral strings track. It would nicely complement all types of videos where positive, deeply felt emotions or happy memories are portrayed.

Piano Lounge Chill - Laidback Ambient Sexy Sultry Background 30 Sec

A perfect music to score your commercial with lounge and chill overtones... a laidback and mysterious piano downward progression peppered with brass and strings elements. Sexy, sensual and sweet.

Under The Summer Sun

Composer: MusicTrend
This is beautiful smooth jazz instrumental music in Bossa Nova style with piano and acoustic guitar featuring. This lovely royalty free musical piece can be perfect as background audio for summer videos, light and positive videos, travel vlogs, friends and family time videos, romantic and emotional ...

Memorial Day

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Emotional, powerful orchestral track, conveying respect and honor. Ideal for trailers, promos, and projects that need a poignant score.


Composer: Jonathan Wright
Emotional, cinematic, orchestral track, conveying respect and honor. Ideal for trailers, promos, and projects that need a poignant score.
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