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Only Wait Forever

An acoustic-based mid-tempo pop rock track with harmonizing male vocals throughout, about the struggles to maintain a long-term relationship.

All the way up

A motivational and inspirational hiphop beat with a positive vibe. Ideal background music for any sort of podcast, vlog, educational video, lifestyle videos, workout videos, youtube videos, advertising, radio commercials, film, sports, cybersports, gaming, cinematic, trailers, teasers, montage, prom...

Fragile Earth

Plaintive, emotional piano-based piece which is designed for visuals with references to climate change, natural disasters and ecological challenges. Very slow piano chords hint at a sense of desolation and foreboding. Backing textures hint at urgency and increasing danger. A rising string phrase tow...

Just Like You

A mid-tempo pop-rock ballad with an organ, bass, drums and male vocals and harmonies, about the envy this character feels towards the love her best friend seems to have with her partner. In vocal and instrumental versions.

Last Hope (Epic Tragic Cinematic)

Epic cinematic trailer audio track perfect to set a heroic mood in your project!This track featuring full symphonic orchestra, emotional piano, powerful brass and strings. Suitable for any projects, including trailer, action, adventure videos or movies, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.

Lost Dreams

Gently, tender and inspiring piano based music. Emotional piano music for vlogs, romantic love story, documentary and media projects
Yann Keerim
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