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Indie Funk Groove Rock

Composer: Biofunky
Indie Rock and Roll Indie Funky Rock is a positive, happy fun and energetic funky track. Featuring upbeat drums and percussion, clean electric guitar, powerful rock distorted guitars and bass. Perfect for fun YouTube video, uplifting advertising, promotional videos, photo slideshows, student project...

Rockin Roll

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Powerful rock track with overdrive guitar riffs, synth, hard elements, powerful guitars, cool epic toms. Perfect for extreme, action, military, sport video, game trailers and any other videos and projects.

Summer Walkways

Composer: Muza
Sunshine happy positive pop-rock music track in smiling carefree mood. Optimistic guitar-based music for bright happy-go-lucky advertising.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Fast driving alternative rock introduced by rolling tom-tom fills. Featuring aggressive electric guitars, syncopated drums and hot electric organ pads.

To The Edge

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Edgy hard rock track introduced by cool guitar riff. Featuring aggressive electric guitars, powerful drums and groovy bass guitar.

Rock Strings Inspiration

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Inspiring light rock background music, with rolling tom-toms, electric guitars and airy strings. Uplifting, motivational mood perfect for corporate videos or commercials.

Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) - Hand-clapping, foot-stomping New Orleans-style Gospel Rock!

Composer: Robert P Birthisel
This is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping sing-along Gospel rocker, done in a New Orleans R&B shuffle style. It was named a Finalist in the International Song Of The Year and Great American Song competitions in the Christian or Inspirational categories. Done in a style reminiscent of Dr. John, Little F...

Drop In The Ocean And Do It

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Drop in the Ocean and Do It (Retro House Mix 120 BPM) Please support me by sharing with friends, thank you!! Follow Me:

True Hero Under God (T.H.U.G.) [Dark Acoustic Hip Hop]

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Album: Up In Heaven's World [Track #09] Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Rap rock, Acoustic Quality: 1411 kbps [WAV file] All Rights Reserved, 2016. Coypright Palma Entertainment LLC. Buy Merch:

Walking Myths [Funk Guitar DnB Breakbeat]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Album: Up In Heaven's World Track: #11 Genre: Drum and Bass, Breakbeat All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2016. Buy Merch: Follow me:

You're My Hero

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
'I stayed up all night and got paid for it'

Jungle roll

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
Bright and positive rock-n-roll. A true classic of the genre. This music will create a very positive and good mood. Real drums, a rhythm guitar, a piano and of course a great guitar solo.


Composer: MuzaProduction
Super fun young rock music from California seashore. Happy pop rock music for summer fun traveling. Positive mood and smiles in dancing guitar sound.

Jazz Blues Intro

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Jazz Blues Intro for your video presentation, slideshow . Instruments: Electric piano, acoustic piano, electric guitars, upbeat drums, bass guitar. Zip.File includes 2 version: 1. Jazz Blues Intro Version A – ( 0:18 ) 2. Jazz Blues Intro Version B- ( 0:31)

KOHH ft. Frank Ocean 'Stacks To Japan' [Video Game Trap Beat]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
'I stayed up all night and got paid for it' Support me: https://www...

Sad Little Story [Royalty-free Retro House]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
'I stayed up all night and got paid for it' Support me: https://www...

Confident Spirit

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Determined, resolute instrumental rock perfect as background music in business or corporate presentations. Self-confident, motivational mood, ambitious atmosphere, foward-looking sensation. Electric guitar, piano, strings, drums, bass.

The Surf Summer

Composer: Jake Schneider
An energetic, fun and upbeat surf rock track. Beaches, oceans, summer and teenagers surfing are what come to mind! Featuring surf guitars, walking bass line and beat drums with hand claps. Ideal for commercials, advertising, short TV/ film scenes that need sunny surf rock background music.
Yann Keerim
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