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Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat, quirky track with cool synths, driving beat and funky guitar. Lively and fun!


Composer: Neil Cross
Offbeat, wacky track, with unusual arrangements. Mellow drum beat and synths.

My Place

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, groovy old-school Hip Hop track with solid beat and catchy, quirky synths. Slightly mysterious.

Let's Hang

Composer: Neil Cross
Quirky, comical old-school hip hop track with upbeat feel and catchy synths.

Keep Running

Composer: Neil Cross
Driving electronic track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drums. Mysterious atmosphere.

It's Time

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, catchy modern Hip Hop/Pop track with solid groove and catchy, quirky synths.

I'm Ready

Composer: Neil Cross
Solid, gripping groove with edgy synths, piano and flowing synths. Upbeat, powerful and dynamic


Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, dark old school hip hop track with quirky, humerous vibe. Solid beat and catchy synths.

Hot Shot

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool upbeat modern Hip Hop track with solid groove and catchy synths.


Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, laid-back old school Hip Hop beat with catchy synths.

Groove And Flow

Composer: Neil Cross
Hip Hop / Pop track with catchy synths and solid beat. Upbeat, mysterious and quirky.

Got The Power

Composer: Neil Cross
Energetic Pop/Dance track with solid groove and catchy, quirky synths.

Good Vibrations

Composer: Neil Cross
Comedic Blues track with cool flowing groove. Upbeat, energetic and fun.

Ghetto Time

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool modern Hip Hop track, with laid-back solid groove and catchy synths.

Getting Down

Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat, funky old school Hip Hop track with solid beat and fun, quirky synths.

Get It On

Composer: Neil Cross
Powerful, edgy rock track with solid groove, dark guitars and mysterious synths. Great for action, mysterious, sci fi scene.

Funny Funk

Composer: Neil Cross
Bouncy, funky track with comical feel. Chucking guitar, bass and solid drum groove.

Figure A Way

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, laid-back groove, wtih edgy electric guitars and flowing spacious synths.


Composer: Neil Cross
Driving, funky alternative rock track with rawnchy guitars, bass and solid drums.

Feelin' Sexy

Composer: Neil Cross
Sexy modern dance track with solid groove and quirky synths. Upbeat, comical and fun.

Far Dimension

Composer: Neil Cross
Flowing, ambient soundscape with atmospheric synths, percussion and spacey sound effects. Suitable for sci fi scene.
Yann Keerim
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