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Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, laid back Hip Hop beat with catchy synths and mysterious atmosphere.

Distant Pleasures

Composer: Neil Cross
Spacious, sweeping pads, soft percussion and catchy synths. Great for spacey, sci fi scene.


Composer: Neil Cross
Powerful Hip Hop track with distorted electric guitar, mysterious synths and piano. A new twist on Hip Hop!

Cosmic Trouble

Composer: Neil Cross
Dark, mysterious electronic track with hard, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, sci fi scene.

Cool Breeze

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool Jazzy track with humerous feel. Great for light hearted, childish, comical scene.


Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!

Can't Catch Me

Composer: Neil Cross
Energetic track with solid drum/bass groove and dynamic orchrestral arrangements. Epic, dramatic and powerful.

Boom Boxed

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool Old School Hip Hop groove with solid beat and catchy, quirky synths. Carefree, upbeat and bouncy.

Bass Fun

Composer: Neil Cross
Quirky track with Bass guitar and sparse percussion. Comical feel.

All Together

Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat, quirky old school hip hop track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Yeah Baby

Composer: Neil Cross
Catchy modern Pop track with driving beat, synths and catchy vocal samples

Weird Brain

Composer: Neil Cross
Strange, wacky electro track with quirky synths and Pop Dance beat

Wake Up Call

Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat catchy track with humerous, quirky instrumentation. Also has happy-go-lucky childish feel.

Vibe With It

Composer: Neil Cross
Funky, quirky track with cool jazzy beat and catchy synths

Up And About

Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat Electro Pop track with cool synths and solid groove

The Secret Agent

Composer: Neil Cross
Quirky Pop track with cool beat and catchy synths, and a mysterious atmosphere.

The Happy Walk

Composer: Neil Cross
Laid-back, cheerful, simple jazz track with subtle orchestration

Such A Great Day

Composer: Neil Cross
Uplifting, feel-good track with happy, positive feel. Great for presentation, commercial and children's use.

Street Creeper

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, mysterious electronic track with ambient exotic atmosphere

Spooky Ways

Composer: Neil Cross
Spooky ambient piece with weird synths and SFX - great for sci fi scene

So Electro

Composer: Neil Cross
Catchy electro Pop track with solid groove and quirky synths
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