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Feeling Alive

Composer: Neil Cross
Motivating Pop Electronic track with catchy synths and solid groove

Electro Nights

Composer: Neil Cross
Edgy, raw electronic track with cool beat and dark synths

Electric Ambience

Composer: Neil Cross
Ambient electronic track with piano, mysterious synths and percussion

Dub Club

Composer: Neil Cross
Edgy Dub track with trippy synths, samples and cool beat

Day Of Fun

Composer: Neil Cross
Uplifting, motivating track with quirky full band feel.

Cooler Than Ever

Composer: Neil Cross
Upbeat electronic track with driving beat and catchy, quirky synths.

Chilling The Way I Do

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool, funky Hip Hop track with solid groove, piano, chucking guitar and synths. Carefree, comical feel.

Back Street Chase

Composer: Neil Cross
Mysterious electronic track with driving percussion and dark, atmospheric synths.

Ambient Space

Composer: Neil Cross
Atmospheric ambient piece with light percussion, pipes and cool synths.

A Little Sneaky

Composer: Neil Cross
A quirky film score piece with intricate arrangements.

Tripping The Mind Out

Composer: Neil Cross
Hardcore, edgy modern Dance Club track with driving beat, vocal samples and trippy, catchy synths.

Technical Jungle

Composer: Neil Cross
Action-packed electronic track with driving beat and catchy synths.

Strange Behaviour

Composer: Neil Cross
Trippy Electro Dance Pop track with solid driving groove and edgy hardcore synths.

Spread The Word

Composer: Neil Cross
Cool modern Electro Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Mysterious, trance-like atmosphere...

Slap It All Around

Composer: Neil Cross
Funky groove track with solid driving beat, slap bass and chucking funky guitar riff!

Situations Change

Composer: Neil Cross
Powerful, energetic Action track with cool driving drums and full-band arrangement.

Safari Journey

Composer: Neil Cross
African track with a difference! Starts with traditional percussion and vocal chants. Then builds into electric guitar, drums and synths.

No Victory Like This

Composer: Neil Cross
Dramatic, epic Cinematic track with powerful orchestration over pulsating, driving beat. Great for tense action scene!

Nicely Does It

Composer: Neil Cross
Short, catchy stinger with uplifting, positive feel. Great for ID spot and corporate logo.

Island Playtime

Composer: Neil Cross
Happy-go-lucky track with laid-back Island feel. Tropical and carefree atmosphere...

Hurry Up

Composer: Neil Cross
Short, fast pace electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Great for advertising logo or presentation.
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