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Snow Falls

Christmas and new year orchestral backgrond music track with bells, ukulele, string, violin, musicbox and more. Good for any christmas and new year videos and projects.

Christmas Holidays

Christmas orchestral festive background track. Perfect for Christmas advertising, Christmas commercial, Christmas video, Christmas decorate tutorial video, Christmas tutorial video, corporate Christmas video, Christmas vlog, Christmas cartoon, Christmas film, Christmas series, Christmas, Christmas p...

The Commercial Upbeat

Corporate upbeat background music track. Good for successful background video, news, interviews, promotions, presentations, television, slideshow, commercial, advertising.

Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting and Inspiring background track. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!

Ringing Xmas

Christmas modern background music track. Good for a Christmas, trailer, video, YouTube, TV show, bacground music for video, corporate, holidays.

Technological Innovation

Technological and Innovation, high-tech track. For any TV, Video project, youtube, presentations, Commercials, slideshow, reviews, product promo, advertising and more

Innovative Technology

Technologically and Innovative high-tech ambient background music track. Perfect for corporate presentations, business, innovation, technology, science, and others projects.


Fresh motivational track with positive, uplifting and happy mood. It’s perfect to add a feel good to your project.

After All

Dark epic and agressive background music track. Perfect for game, videos and trailers.

Funk It

Dynamic and energetic groovy track. Good for any type of video projects.

Good Vibes Pop

Uplifting and motivational pop track. Perfect for advertisement, web videos, podcasts and more.

Tired City

Slow and relaxed blues background music. Used muted trumpet solo, acoustic bass, finger flick, electric guitars, jazz and modern drums, electro organs, saxes. Good for radio, background music, tv, flim, video, any project.

Magical Story 2

Magical and fantasy beautiful music track. Good for the corresponding images, audiobooks, videos, slide shows, casual games, commercials, media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web.


Motivational rock corporate music track. Perfect for your any inspring projects and videos!

Hard Rock Action

Powerful rock track with overdrive guitar riffs, synth, hard elements, powerful guitars, cool epic toms. Perfect for extreme, action, military, sport video, game trailers and any other videos and projects.

Pure Elegance

Short elegant piece with piano and strings that gradually builds - great for stinger/logo/ident.

Perfect Pop

Happy, carefree Pop track with groovy beat and catchy synth. Guaranteed to get ya dancing! Great for modern, happy-go-lucky, positive music!

Peculiar Feelings

Mysterious, haunting track with piano and ominous synths. Unusual piece with eerie orchestration.

Not Always Easy

Dreamy, melancholic piece with piano and strings. Sentimental, lonely, sad feel - yet a delicate sense of hope and optimism! Great for drama scene!

No Challenge Too Tough

Cinematic action/tension track with full orchestra and pounding percussion! Powerful, energetic, gradually building throughout...

Sport News

Sport news background music theme. Perfectly for news broadcasts, sports videos, YouTube videos, weather report
Yann Keerim
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