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Upbeat Rag

A joyful and positive orchestral track featuring pizzicato and tuned percussion. This piece will perfectly suit advertising, children's movie, game, promotional video, tv programs, and cartoons. What is more, the track may be used in a comedy movie, especially for children.

Corporate Uplifting Chill

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for pianos, guitars and bass. The music is style pop for corporate purposes, and the mood is uplifting, The music starts with a delayed guitars playing the main harmonies with delay effects, and the piano playing the main chords of the composition. A simple melodie from piano...

Moving Around

Composer: Willem Martens
Sax, choir and orchestra. Atmosphere of adventure and joy.

Finally Free

Composer: Willem Martens
Saxophone quartet. Expression of feelings of relief and renewed freedom.

Blasting Operation

'Blasting Operation' is a strong, explosive, aggressive, and intense, instrumental Hard Rock/Metal track. Featuring heavy drums, guitars, and electric bass, this track is perfect for adrenaline scenes, extreme sports, and intense videos. Writer: MARQUES THIAGO POSPICHIL (BMI) CAE/IPI # 679585766 P...

Detonation Process

'Detonation Process' is a gritty, wild, intense, explosive, and high-energy Hard Rock track. Featuring aggressive drums, distorted guitar riffs, electric bass. Perfect for intense videos, promos, extreme sports, motors, motorcycles, cars, bold adverts, and action scenes. Writer: MARQUES THIAGO POSP...


Composer: Juris Eihmanis
''Promenade'' is a beautiful, gently enchanting magic music in a waltz mood. Perfect for backgrounds in video productions and documentaries, nature/forest videos, wedding videos, love stories, valentine’s day, inspirational stories, elegant presentations and many more – everything related to lov...

Inspiring Music

Beautiful and bright, sentimental and inspiring music for your inspirational projects. Bright acoustic guitar, inspiring melody and majestic strings creates a sensitive and sensual, sentimental atmosphere. It`s beautyful background music is full of inspiration, hope, beauty, love and peace. Perf...
Yann Keerim
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