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Time For Action

Inspiring cinematic dramatic music with horns, drums, toms, strings. Can be used in movies, games and other your private or commercial projects.

Sport Freedom Rock Intro

Aggressive extreme modern short metal music. Perfect for your sport's video and another projects.


Hardstyle techno electronic music. Ideally for your project!

Neutralize Bomb

Cinematic energetic music with hard guitar and modern sounds. Perfect to your shooter game, action, trailers, military projects!


Qualitative corporate music with guitars, elements of modern leads and beats. Will be ideally suited for your creativity

Extreme Adrenaline

Powerful energetic hard-rock agressive music track. Track is perfect for extreme, sports, race competition, action video and more projects.

Epic Intro

Short action cinematic epic intro. Ideally for your project!

Electronic Logo 7

Short dubstep dark massive hard logo. Ideally for your project!

Drunken Reggae

The measured slow urban reggae music track. Royalty Free music track for film and video productions, web media, podcasts, broadcasts, TV and radio programs, YouTube and Internet Videos, corporate videos, web applications, tutorials, video trailers, presentations, training videos, multimedia project...

Dubstep Logo

Dubstep intro with massive beat, subbass and modern transformation mechanic elements.

Aggressive Action

Aggressive, intense, epic and grunge modern background music track with distortion, extreme, hard, Industrial and dubstep instruments. Perfect for action trailers, sports programms, blockbuster movies, army tv, aggressive and dark projects and videos!

Aggressive Urban Intro

Powerfull hard-rock industrial short music. Has slow ambient intro and intensive main part. Used metal guitar, epic drums and modern synth instruments. Can be used in your sports video, logo, cinematic or Tv projects

Action Trailer

Epic cinematic music. Is ideally suited for uses in trailers or action cinema

Darkness Rising

Building and foreboding with pulsing synths and dark strings that convey feelings of tension and uneasiness. Works great for crime, drama and documentaries.

Suspense Strings

Ominous low string melody with percussion. Scary, suspense, drama, tension - this track would work well for any scene where you're setting up a surprise. Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, dramas, jingles, videos, commercials, and voiceovers.

Here We Come (electronic, background, upbeat)

Strong synth bass and drum track with ambient FX. Use for marching, driving, action, running and similar scenes. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

479 Rocking Samba

This track plays in harmony brazilian traditional music and distorted electric guitars, with electronic beats, getting an upbeat and live track full of energy, dark and dynamic, perfect for scenes in clubs and rave parties, as well as adverts requiring strong percussion rhythmic patterns.
Yann Keerim
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