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Jazz Hands

There's nothing quite like a bit of Big Band Jazz! A fun, swinging Jazz tune with a blend of dynamic breaks and a smooth, cool verses with chirpy melodies. Perfect to use for videos, movies, commercials, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, social media, Vimeo and more.

Stay Easy Bro

Stay Easy Bro is a nod to NOLA style, big horn arrangements and a brand of greasy, funky jazz that is best pulled off where fender rhodes and a tight, pocket rhythm section are employed. This was written as a funky farewell of sorts for a family member living abroad, reminescent of the grooves and s...

Quirky Funny Jazz

This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, nature videos and photo slideshows,commercials,movies and more.

Comedy Lounge

Light comedy latin jazz with warm retro sound. Quirky brass theme, bossa-nova drums, cocktail vibe and playful mood. Perfect for vintage sit-com inspired projects, comedy sketches and 60's culture related videos.

Retro Dancing Jazz

Mixture of old and modern sounds with jazzy clarinets and brass playing over a groovy electro beat. Main theme is filtered with an old spoilt vinyl effect at the beginning, and it alternates with trumpet solo (0:48), ragtime piano (1:27) and manouche guitar solo (1:38). Electro swing music perfect f...

Spy Jazz

A fine jazzy Big Band instrumental track influenced by Broadway musicals and noir films. Brilliant gritty sound built on powerful rhythm section and highsounding brass instruments evoking night urban scenes with city lights in the background: crime, spy, detective stories with a unique cinematic ret...

Cotton Club

Vibrant big band jazz swing track with authentic retro sound. Shimmering full brass section over smashing drums, bluesy piano and trombone solos.

Killer Jazz

Rampant, exuberant big band swing track bringing all the majesty of Hollywood musicals back. Powerful brass and rhythm sections, great solo improvisations, pure jazzy retro sound for this freaky track that will make you want to dance.

Pump That Swing

Eccentric dancing electro swing with a catchy retro sound consisting of jazz instruments like manouche guitar, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. Steady electro dance beat and vinyl scratching. Perfect for burlesque and fashion related concepts, comedy sketches, and old fashioned situations.

Jazzy Background

Upbeat big band drum beat with claps, punchy brass and a whole lot of fun.

Jazzy Hip Hop

A stylish jazzy retro hip hop track with sampled big band and vinyl scratches, put it in your Rust base tour video and it fits like a glove! Also great for dance videos, crib tours, travel videos, videos about cooking and food, youth advertising, urban and street lifestyle videos and advertising. G...

Big Band Jazz Intro

Big Band Jazz track intro featuring jazz orchestra, brass, piano, upright bass and claps. Excellent for slideshow, commercials, animation, youtube videos, television broadcasting and another projects.

Swinging Upside Down

Grooving electro swing music track, mixing retro jazz with house dance. A modern dance-floor sound capable of retaining the energetic excitement of live brass (trumpet, trombone and clarinet) and early swing recordings. Sharp catchy themes and amazing solo improvisations.
Yann Keerim
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