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Neo-classical, richly textured strings holding tension with a rich arpeggiated piano laying down the melody and holding the rhythm.


An elegant yet futuristic sounding track featuring a solo minimal piano line floating above a bed of arpeggiated synths and strings. Gives a scientific, chilled and space sounding vibe. Would suit a documentary, film, presentation, youtube video or website background that needed a futuristic edge wi...

Strange 80s

An enigmatic 80’s electronic music featuring ambient pads and arpeggiated synthwave, designed in style of 80s music for cinema and TV show. Vintage analogue synthesizers and cinematic soundscape, ideal for retro-inspired futuristic production and curious/sci-fi mood.

Android Dance

This track combines arpeggiated synth and electronic vocalisations to create a futuristic atmosphere.

Healthy Ambient Background

Instrumental music made for piano, strings and synth pads. The style is New Age Ambient music, and the mood is positive and optimistic. The rhtyhm is calm, relaxed. the composition starts with the piano and strings playing the main notes and harmonies of the composition. Later, the incorporation of ...

Ambient Upbeat Cinematic Background

instrumental music made for pianos, guitars and synth pad. The style is ambient electronic and the mood is positive and upbeat with some sentimental feelings. The rhythm is steady and it’s played by electronic machines and arpeggiated synth pads. This music fits perfect as a background for positiv...

Guitar and Whistle

Folk track with arpeggiated acoustic guitar percussion, harmonica, and human whistle.

Syncopated Movements_loop

An uptempo positive corporate theme with arpeggiated synth textures and soft flowing beat.

Platform Pinky_loop

Retro funky videogame tune with 8 bit sound effects and arpeggiated synths

Tension Game

A moody suspense theme with a pulsating base and arpeggiated guitar and synth textures.

Smooth Cues (loop)

A spacious underscore wth arpeggiated guitars and acoustic piano.

Percussive Drones 04

A dark pulsating drone with gated and arpeggiated textures

Positive Backdrops 01

a joyful melodic corporate theme with arpeggiated guitars, acoustic piano and airy synth pads.

Percussive Drones 03

An evolving drone with a pulsating bass and a scifi atmosphere.

Overtone Flowers

A dreamy pulsating underscore with organic textures and arpeggiated guitars.
Yann Keerim
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