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An ambient and smooth music with soft piano, ambient guitar, synth pads, and ocean sounds

Nostalgic Piano

A sentimental and nostalgic piano piece with a beautiful melody. Perfect for documentaries, home videos, baby videos, and any project that requires an emotional vibe.

Background Project

A light, upbeat, corporate, background, motivational music track with a pleasant, calm, inspiring, innovative and peaceful mood. Electronic sounds, guitars, piano, strings, pad. This track is perfect for corporate projects, advertising, radio, TV, trailers, innovation videos, presentation, technolog...

Inspiring Romantic Piano

Touching and Emotional Wedding Piano track. Featuring piano, strings, woodwinds and cymbals it`s bright, uplifting and unbearably sweet. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, video, intro and of course weddings. Enjoy!

Uplifting Logo

An uplifting, inspirational, and motivational sound logo that conveys a bright, hopeful, and positive message. Perfect for corporate branding, manufacturing, advertisements, introduction videos, web content, anime, games, radio, and TV programs.

Deafening Silence

A calm piano track with strings background, creating a soft and sentimental atmosphere. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, wedding footage, presentations and various other projects.

Letting you Go

A calm and nostalgic piano and cello melody creating a very sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in romantic videos and films, wedding scenes, emotional content and various other projects.

Love Story

Love Story is a soft, orchestral track that beautifully captures the essence of love and wedding memories. Its gentle, flowing melodies create an atmosphere of romance and tenderness, perfect for heartfelt moments and cherished stories

Heartbeat Chill Piano Lofi

Authentic Lo-Fi Relax Chill beat. Provides a calm and smooth mood. Ideal for background of any type of content.

Japan Piano Chillhop Lofi

Authentic Lo-Fi Relax Chill beat. Provides a calm and smooth mood. Ideal for background of any type of content.

Beams (Cinematic & Dramatic)

Cinematic dramatic music. Ideal for all type of cinematic content. Provides a dramatic and uplifting mood.
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