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Ethereal Film Music with Voice

A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with original voice.

Gothic Halloween

Mysterious and phantasmagoric baroque track with an epic cinematic ending. Featuring instruments: Pipe organ, bells, mallets, clavichord, strings and synth. Suitable for magic, witchcraft and halloween advertising. Influences: Dani Elfman

Pulp Gang

An instrumental retro blues style track with a Funky vibe. Inspired by 70s cult cinema.

Casino Groove

An instrumental repetitive Funky style track with an elegant Heist film vibe.


A scary horror ambient piece featuring dissonant drones, morbid screams and bestial grunts.


A scary horror piece featuring dissonant drones, morbid soundscapes and unsettling hits. Something wicked is lurking in the shadows.

Hybrid Horror Trailer

An hybrid horror trailer track. The tension builds around various piano melodies, hits, spooky sound designs, drums and basses. Great fit for anything grim. Atmospheric, Darkness, Cinematic, Horror

Ghost Town

A seamless looping track which is great for thriller, horror or sci-fi movie scenes or in video games suspensful moments. The tension builds around various sound effects and a repetitive bass line. Espionage, Haunting, Darkness, Industrial

Violin Tension

Violin Tension' – Very scary and Arthouse music for the suspens and horror build up in films, trailers. Fast string staccato, powerful horror violin screeches, an evolving tension with different epic yet unnerving themes. Perfect to create a psychotic, tenseful mood in films, trailers or hallowee...

Horror Orchestra

An orchestral piece with violins, cellos, percussions and sparse soundscapes. The tension builds around a progressive creshendo thorought the track. Tension, Edgy, Darkness, Cinematic, Dramatic

Creepy Piano

Classical Horror Piano track with tense harmonies and reverb. Perfect to create a bone-chillin horror atmosphere, great for halloween too.

Dark Cinematic Orchestra

Dark Cinematic Orchestra – An ominous orchestral track with big cellos and double bass staccatos accompanied by dangerous brass thematic elements, a spooky theremin and various hollywoodian effects. Perfect to create an ominous, dangerous atmosphere in films, trailers or for halloween parties.

Cello Lament

A very sad and dark cello cue that conveys sadness and misery. Perfect for drama/horror/period films, series, games etc.

Miss my pillow

Modern electro pop track with an uplifting and joyful vibe that would be perfect for TV/Film applications.


Hybrid pop track that would be great for adventure, action and role playing.

Cartoon show

Happy and positive corporate track that would be great for kids and role playing.

California sunset

Modern fresh pop track in the style of Top 40 contemporary hits. This track would be perfect for advertising, commercials, and TV/Film applications.
Yann Keerim
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