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Composer: Neil Cross
Offbeat, wacky track, with unusual arrangements. Mellow drum beat and synths.

Dark Mysteries

Composer: Neil Cross
Mysterious, yet powerful and groovy percussive track with a variety of drum/percussion instruments.


Composer: Ronnie W Verboom
An emotional epic orchestral piece about heroes and losers.

Haunting Winter Snow

Composer: Zac Nelson
Close your eyes and let this gorgeous orchestral soundtrack captivate your imagination, with images of frozen snow settled on still pine branches, the chill winter air turning to crystals in the perfectly still air. This white Christmas atmospheric collage of textures and beauty paints the magic of ...


Composer: hftracks
Paced electronic underscore with an element of action. Features electronic drums, bells, pads, strings, rhythmic synths. 16th note vibe that keeps the pace going and is perfect for a tension underscore. Works well with cop, dramas, hospital, sci-fi, mysteries, fantasy, ER, Emergency, and tension.


Composer: kubed
This track creates an anticipatory mood,without being too dark.The synth,percussions and pads keep the listener to the edge of his sit.It can work well in reality shows,suspense building tv programs and dramatic scenes.

Mysterious Creatures

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Mysterious Creatures is an atmospheric orchestral track. It blends a soft magical quality with an underlying sense of unease. Beginning with a melodic solo piano it builds by adding brass, strings and choirs to create a lush, cinematic mood. Great for adding a sense of mysteriousness or wonder.

I Wont Give Up

Composer: Renan Franzen
A introduction to mysteries and intrigues that will unfold. A true calling to drama and suspense. This is a dramatic film score piece played by a small chamber orchestra. The track starts with a dissonant chord in the strings and breaks open with a theme dramatically played on the piano, strings and...

Native American Suite

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Native American flute with primal, ethnic drums and dark, dissonant pads/layers make up this tribal/shamanic fire dance piece. The title states the mood pretty well. Use for docs, history, and many nature/travel scenes, or even mysteries.

The Visitor

Composer: kubed
Dark and eerie track, with an anticipatory, suspenseful atmosphere. The strings and vocal sound effects are driving the track to a scary, screamy ending. Perfectly good match for horror movies or tv shows about ghost stories, serial killers, mysteries, crime investigations.
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