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The first day of summer

Very good and light melody. Inspire you, give a good mood and a lot of positive emotions.

An epic adventure in three words

Very briefly about a big fun adventure in the style of Indiana Jones! Orchestra with varied percussion.

Rockin' Merry Xmas

An upbeat, fun, jolly, uplifting and big-sounding Christmas song featuring; brass, sax, piano, bells, glockenspiel, xylophone, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, hand claps, drums and a “wall of sound” production. Use for Christmas and New Year projects, Christmas advertising, Christmas videos, Chr...


Positive, cheerful and energetic track. Music composed by ukulele, acoustic guitar, and other wonderful musical instruments, bells, glockenspiel, whistling, and so on. Perfect for TV and Radio Advertising, podcasting, background music and other wonderful projects created by you.

Candy Rock

Children's rock-and-roll. It is a glamorous, stylish and very cheerful track. Created with guitars, drums, piano, as well as a primitive 8-bit sound. This song is perfect for your multimedia projects, TV shows, commercials, etc.

Morning Trip

Uplifting corporate track created by piano, acoustic guitar, bells and drums. The song is easily cut into pieces, it will allow to make desired length of the track without any problems.

In the Clouds

Cheerful and positive corporate track with a simple melody. Be sure that it will be a wonderful addition to your Media Projects.

Welcome to circus

This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays or circus representation. Musical track very simple and same, on it without problems it is possible to cut, make longer or more shortly and as to make a loop.

Spooky Trap Halloween Organ Intro

A Scary Halloween Trap intro with classic horror church organ riff, deep bass, modern hip hop beat, strings, spooky fx and samples of laughter and screams! It’s great for Halloween, YouTube videos, commercials, films, TV, background music, websites, advertising, films, games, Halloween video, Hall...

Just Smile and Have Fun

Happy, cheerful, playful and positive track with a simple children's tune. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays.

Soulful Loop

A smooth and sexy music, Soulful Loop is a nu soul track made of brush jazzy drums, warm electric bass, stylish electric piano and minimal electric guitar. This track is useful for your lounge, fashion and classy projects.


Positive and cheerful children's track. Created with the help of ukulele, bells, piano and whistle.

Feeling Great

"Feeling Great" is an upbeat and bright song with positive energy. The track used acoustic guitar, marimba, xylophone, electric guitar, crisp bass, tambourine and whistling. If you are looking for a good, energetic, clear, uplifting, carefree music, you can be sure you found it. This track will perf...
Yann Keerim
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