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Iustin Galea is a Romanian Composer and Violinist based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Rebel Spirit

Uplifting cinematic track with an energetic percussion section and positive strings melody. Good background for videos, slide shows, social and commercials, television intro and captions, audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web.

Big City Lights

Soulful lounge track with electric piano, trumpet, groovy melodic bass, and vintage Hammond. Perfect for the fashion show, a show of stylish luxury living, innovative videos, vlog, luxury living, fashion reviews, summer entertaining videos, bar and chill zones, party or luxury brand presentation.

Red Sky

Epic Hybrid Trailer music that perfectly fits for YouTube videos, films, TV, presentations, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, visuals, and more!

The Last One Standing

Epic Cinematic Suspense Thriller, intense cinematic background music track. Perfect for trailers, epic commercials, film, dramatic news, footage, documentary, movie teasers, sport motivation, animation, videos and various TV media that requires epic suspenseful background music.


High-energy hip hop with a big orchestral sound that features strings, brass, flute, and chopped vocal samples. Perfect for action scenes, travel vlogs, corporate advertising, and much more.

The East Garden

Asian-styled music with traditional Chinese instruments such as guzheng, strings, flutes, and deep drums, is ideal for trailers, landscape videos, films, or openers.

Mastermind Journey

An inspiring corporate track with piano, electric guitar, synth pads, and strings to create a powerfully uplifting and motivational soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

Spring In A Dream

Bright and cheerful orchestral music. The expression of joy and uplift is perfectly suitable for accompanying family video, sensual New Year show, plays, television, radio, and much more.
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